Hub Soma Weekly Roll Up: Spring Cometh

Hey Hubbers

Spring is definitely on its way and with it we are in the midst of change. We have now bid a sad farewell to our Managing Director, Alex Michel, as Hub SoMa trucks along (chalking up 40 new members in the space this month alone). We are moving into the 11th month and there is no end in sight.

With one ending starts a new beginning. Hub Ventures got underway this week with the first meeting of the cohorts. 75% of the group are new members looking for directions on using the espresso machine. Please take a moment to help them figure it out, welcome them to the community.

Lots of international visitors this week. You’ll notice a group of Young Chinese entrepreneurs roaming the space today, here for a brief visit. Please say hello if you have the time. Then, on Friday, from 12pm in the Lighthouse, we will have a visit from the Danish innovators behind Podio, an innovative new tool for project management. We will be in the lighthouse from 12pm and I recommend joining. Additionally, there are a couple great Hub labs coming up with a whole new schedule rolling out in April. Get ready!!

Of everyone who reads this, I like you the best.


[Click Here to Enjoy Our New Event Calendar]

[Hub Stories]

“I just love thinking about John Yuasa talking about wine down– that guy loves wine down. Did you know he worked for the Carter Administration? Yeah, he ran an anti-discrimination bureau to prosecute places that were not following fair employment standards…. I love that when I bring people here for meetings, I can just point at various Hub members and say ‘that guy worked for the White House, that person is connecting FairTrade USA with Starbucks, etc’. People are really getting shit done!” Continue reading →

Hub Workbench

  • Tuesday, March 29 12pm: Beehive Theory-RSVP here: Join us for a workshop about “Beehiving”…a collaborative business model that is being started right here in the Bay Area.  The Paikea Group is building a “Beehive” of conscious entrepreneurs that is akin to a large networking game on steroids.
  • Thursday, March 31 12pm: Finance 101: Basics and StrategyRSVP here: Learn about the basics of business finance, including debt finance, equity finance, different strategies for financing, creating a financial “package” such as a Private Placement Memorandum or Business Plan, and creative financing strategies such as crowdsourcing and joint ventures.



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