Hub Berkeley Weekly Roll Up: Beyond the Rain


According to the forecast, only a little over a week of rain remains (did I just jinx it?).

While the rain continues to fall, maybe bundle up with a great Hub Story. We are starting somewhat of a history project for the Hub, archiving great tales from Hub members, in writing and audio. Please look out for the official announcement of how to participate this Thursday.

Also never too early to look towards the Summer – As proud partners of Craigslist Foundation’s 8th Annual Boot Camp, Hub members get to join hundreds of other community builders across all sectors for a fun, intensive one-day conference on June 2 at the Mission Bay Conference Center in San Francisco. Learn more here, and when you buy your tickets, enter the code CMTY at checkout to save 25% through April 15.

Lastly, tomorrow night (Wednesday), Rain or Clear Skies, please join us at Hub SoMa to say farewell to Alex Michel, as he moves on to help lead the 5M project. Especially for Berkeley folks who’ve known Alex since the beginning…

And as always, check out the amazing Workbench line up below the fold.


[Click Here to Enjoy Our New Event Calendar]

[Hub Clubs]

An exciting week of Hub Clubs coming up again– this Wednesday, March 23, you have two Hub Clubs to choose from! First, we are finally starting Hub Futbol (for real this time) meeting at 6pm at Hub Berkeley. We are looking for a place to play in SF, so if you have ideas, email Santiago at And, our second book club will be meeting at Hub SoMa at 6:30 to discuss the book, “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks” by Rebecca Skloot. There is nothing better than meeting up with a bunch of smart, passionate people to dig through medical ethics, racism, history, and the powerful gift one woman gave to science, so come join. 

One note about Hub Clubs: these clubs are our opportunity to build some serious community here at the Hub. It is hard to imagine that outside of social change, we can only get excited about whiskey, books, soccer and international development. Where are the knitting circles? The urban hiking leagues? The postmodern interpretations of Civil War era pragmatist theory discussion groups? The world is your oyster, so use our Hub Clubs site to start a club or join an existing club that suits your fancy. Email if you need help getting started or have any questions.

[Hub Workbench]

Hub Office Hours: Social Media with Triple Pundit
At Hub Berkeley, March 24 

Hub Lab: Regulatory Barriers for Dummies – What startups, orgs, and everybody else needs to know.
At Hub Berkeley, March 29

Hub Workshop: How to Make a Good Video that Doesn’t Stink for Under $100
At Hub Berkeley, March 31

Hub Office Hours: Conflict Management with Mark Baril
At Hub Berkeley March 30, and May 25

Hub Lab: Handling International Currency for Your Business
At Hub Berkeley, April 5

Hub Lab: Deconstruct and Double Check Your Marketing Plan
At Hub Berkeley, April 7

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