Hub Berkeley Weekly Roll Up: Juggling Act

We like juggling many things in our lives. 

Knowledge and fun: What better way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day than an evening filled with Free Organic Beer and Clif Bars with the President of Bison Brewer and CFO of Clif Bar THIS Thursday, March 17. This will be a very memorable evening: Don’t Miss It!

Hard work and innovation: Our recently announced Hub Ventures Finalists will be tackling this over the next 12 weeks. Congratulations on the achievement! Also speaking of hard work, Hub member Paul Campbell of GVI ( is launching an internship program ( for young people seeking professional experience with social sector host organizations. Interns are ready to work hard in either an 8-week summer program, or in ad hoc placements throughout the year for varying lengths of time. The service is FREE. If you are interested in hosting interns, contact Paul: or complete this online

Awareness and compassion: As many of you have been following , Japan is going through absolute devastation right now. Over the next week, the Hub Squad will be setting up a system of donation for members to easily have 100% of any contribution go to Japan relief funds. Please look out for this.

And as always, check out the amazing Workbench line up below the fold.

Did you wake up on time, Sunday?

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[Space Changes]

XVD High-Def Webcam is On!
As some of you have noticed, the XVD has been connecting our two hubs a lot lately. If you ever need to ‘Meet’ with someone at SoMa, don’t be shy about asking how to use the XVD monitor! 

Reminder: New Away Room Policies
Quiet Room – Mondays and Fridays Only
No Meetings, No Cell Phones, Limited Conversation
Open Space – Every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday
Becomes open for use just like the Main Space
Rentable Project Room – Any Day of the Week
If you would like the room for a meeting, please rent it through HubSpace

[Hub Workbench]

Hub Office Hours: Tax Day by Rebecca Bailin
At Hub SoMa, TODAY, Tuesday 

Hub Lab: Profit Debate: Non-Profit VS For-Profit
At Hub SoMa, THIS THURSDAY, March 17

Hub Lab: No B.S. Guide to Financials
At Hub Berkeley, March 24

Hub Office Hours: Social Media with Triple Pundit
At Hub Berkeley, March 24

Hub Lab: Regulatory Barriers for Dummies – What startups, orgs, and everybody else needs to know.
At Hub Berkeley, March 29

Hub Workshop: How to Make a Good Video that Doesn’t Stink for Under $100
At Hub Berkeley, March 31

Hub Office Hours: Conflict Management with Mark Baril
At Hub Berkeley March 30, and May 25

Hub Lab: Handling International Currency for Your Business
At Hub Berkeley, April 5

Hub Lab: Deconstruct and Double Check Your Marketing Plan
At Hub Berkeley, April 7


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