Hub Berkeley Weekly Roll Up: Ideas, Ideas, Ideas

33 Ideas will be Pitched

Hub Ventures has 33 semifinalists pitching next week, March 7th thru the 9th.  This will be an excellent opportunity for members to hear about the exciting ventures your fellow Hubbers are working on. Seating is limited so arrive early to ensure your spot.  Check out the Pitch Line-Up. All pitch sessions will be taking place at Hub SoMa, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, all scheduled to be between 9AM-12PM, and then 2PM-5PM.

And hopefully, many of these ideas will blow it up like Clif Bar. Why did I bring up Clif Bar? Well, if you fancy a Clif Bar, and care for an organic beer,  register for this event soon, happening on Thursday, March 17! Join Bison Brewer’s Founder, Dan,  and Clif Bar’s CFO, Rich, as they talk shop, drink beer, and munch on Clif bars. This evening will open with a fun beer and bar tasting, and end with Q&Aer’s getting a chance to take home copies of ‘Raising the Bar.’

Now that I’ve got your attention around snacks and brew, let’s dive into more ideas around food. On Thursday, March 24, we are converging ideas around food. Join us again at Hub Berkeley, as we bring together many thought leaders around different sectors of Food, and help map together all the moving parts. Register soon for this highly interactive evening.


[Our New Event Calendar]

click above, enjoy.

[Space Changes]

Reminder – New Hubble Open/Closed Door Policy
If you have a quick 5-10 minute call, or just need to pace and think, please feel free to use the Hubble, but keep the door open! If you would like a private meeting or phone conference, please make a reservation through your hubspace profile, and feel free to close the door.

[Hub Workbench]

Hub Office Hours: Strategy Consulting with La Wanda Smith
At Hub Berkeley, THIS WEDNESDAY, March 2

Hub Lab: Deconstruct and Double Check Your Marketing Plan
At Hub Berkeley, THIS THURSDAY, March 3

Hub Lab: Writing for the Web
At Hub SoMa, March 10

Hub Lab: Profit Debate: Non-Profit VS For-Profit
At Hub SoMa, March 17

Hub Office Hours: Conflict Management with Mark Baril
At Hub Berkeley March 30, and May 25


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