Hub SoMa Weekly Roll Up: Hub Clubs!

Hey Hubbers,

I want to keep this short, as there is quite a bit happening here. I hope you all enjoyed your long weekend and actually took a day for yourself. These presidents aren’t just doing this for kicks.


Our first Hub Clubs are off to an exciting start! Last week marked a successful second meeting for the Whiskey Club, resulting in some extensive commentary exploring differentiating elements of taste. Look out for the first Book Club meeting this upcoming Wednesday at Hub SoMa, in partnership with Intersection of the Arts, to discuss the book “Nobody Move” by Denis Johnson. Hub Futbol–sponsored of course by our favorite fair trade soccer company— is also gearing up for its revival this coming March, so be sure to mark your availability if you are interested so we can find a time that works for all. Finally, the International Development Hub Club is still in full swing, with 38 active members! They are developing some more interactive ways of connecting club members in the coming weeks, so join the google group to stay tuned.

Remember, if you have any inkling to get a group of people together around a common interest or theme, think about starting a Hub Club! Or, join an existing club that suits your fancy.  It’s super easy. Need help getting started or have any questions? Email


You might have noticed the shelves of The Mesh, by Lisa Gansky, on the shelves up front. We are building a lending library. If you would like a free copy of the book, we ask that you bring in one that you feel all Hub members should read,  as an exchange. This is going to help us seed a lending library here in the Hub.

This year is still off to a roaring start. Be sure to join us tonight for the discussion as we begin to design the upstairs. Starts at 5pm in the 5M Art Space.

Of everyone who reads this, I like you the best.


Upcoming Hub Workbench

  • [HUB LAB] February 24, 12pm: Leveraging ‘Location’ for My Organization RSVP at: If you feel that understanding location based social marketing has anything to do with your business, then you don’t want to miss this Hub Lab. What many people also don’t know is that there is an extensive amount of free tools and data at their disposal to facilitate leveraging this information.
  • [HUB LAB] March 3, 12pm: B Corporations, Creating a New Corporate Form for Social Enterprise.  Is it for me? RSVP at: Dermot Hikisch and Deborah Hirsh from B Lab will be covering a brief intro B Corporations, answering questions like: what the heck is B Corporation?  What are the benefits for my business to be certified? And what is B Lab doing in the Impact Investing and public policy space. For background information, check out and

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