Hub SoMa Weekly Roll Up:(Ad)Ventures and Valentines

Hey Hubbers

I want to thank everyone for all your support for Hub Ventures. We have received over 70 APPLICATIONS!!! This wouldn’t have happened without all your help spreading the word as well as signing up.

A recent NYT article shared with me, reported on the importance of consumer innovation. The report states that the traditional tenet which puts producers in the role of innovators is false. It’s actually the consumers in this “…new pattern for how innovations come about.” Sound exciting? That’s because between the grand opening of TechShop this weekend, and the collection of resources within the rapidly growing Hub Bay Area community, our innovation adventure is just getting started.

In this light, we are looking for your input on our upcoming design process for the expansion upstairs. We will be holding an informal meeting in the 5M gallery next Tuesday, February 22nd at 5pm. We hope you will join us and share your ideas.

Don’t forget: You’ll find this event and all our events clearly outlined in our new calendar.



  • FEBRUARY 15, 12PM- A good way to make money: Square and what it can do for your business! RSVP at: Square is a revolutionary service that enables anyone to accept credit cards anywhere. Square offers an easy to use, free credit card reader that plugs into a smart phone or iPad. It’s simple to sign up. There is no extra equipment, complicated contracts, monthly fees or merchant account required.
  • FEBRUARY 17, 12PM- Partnership Stories: Join us for this storytelling session on real life examples of partnerships that worked and partnerships that didn’t. Hub members Red Magnet Media, Schaffer and Combs, and Mark Fish of WorkEngine will be sharing their successes and disasters. It will then be opened up for Q & A. So if you have a story to share, or a disaster you need averted, join us.


  • Friday, February 18 from -Kelli Peterson of the Communications Lab: Join Kelli for expert advice on communication, branding and marketing advice for small businesses. Click here to RSVP.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Of everyone who reads this, I love you the best.



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