Hub Berkeley Weekly Roll Up: Hugs and Chocolates All Around

Too Much Chocolate.

I hope all of you had a great weekend, and are prepared to help me indulge in amazing chocolate. There was a great turn out at last week’s chocolate event at SoMa. And we have leftovers in the space that people can enjoy, along with the amazing content over the next 2 weeks.

To start off, this Thursday, our own Ned Schaub will be holding a Hub Lab helping Non-Profits to address the difficult question of how to effectively sustain a balance between your mission and generating revenue. Two other colleagues will also be contributing content. There are a ton of other Hub Workbench items coming up, so be sure to follow the New Calendar and check out the list below.

If you ever wish you had the Hub to practice your pitch after dinner, and had an actual audience to give you critical feedback, please join our first of a 3-part series Next Tuesday. We call it the After-Dinner Pitch. We’ve timed this to be in conjunction with the talent-filled competitions happening at Cal, and will also be inviting some folks involved in impact investing.

Finally, we’ve got a treat for you that might be better than all this chocolate. Next Thursday, Annie Leonard, the Story of Stuff Project, and Free Range Studios will be celebrating their not-yet-released movie. We’ve reserved 25 TICKET FOR HUB MEMBERS. First come, first serve!

It’s Raining, but it’s still Valentine’s Day,

[Our New Event Calendar]

click above, enjoy.

[Space Changes]

New Privacy Booth – Don’t Be Shy, Use It!

New Hubble Open/Closed Door Policy
You want to make a quick phone call, but all 3 privacy booths are taken, there are people in the lounge, the kitchen area is packed, and there are people in the hallway. You see the beautiful, yet empty Hubble; what to do? We’ve decided to end the ‘Last Minute Hubble Use’ Policy, and give members more areas to retreat to. If you have a quick 5-10 minute call, or just need to pace and think, please feel free to use the Hubble, but keep the door open! If you would like a private meeting or phone conference, please make a reservation through your hubspace profile, and feel free to close the door.

[Hub Workbench]

Hub Lab: Organization Sustainability in the Non-Profit Sector
At Hub Berkeley THIS THURSDAY, February 17, 12:00 – 1:30 PM

Hub Workshop: How New IRS rules will affect your Non-Profit
At Hub SoMa THIS THURSDAY, February 17, 6:30 – 8:30 PM

Hub Lab: B-Corporation – Creating a New Corporate Form for Social Enterprise. Is it for Me?
At Hub Berkeley NEXT TUESDAY, February 22, 12:00 – 1:00 PM

Hub Office Hours: Conflict Management with Mark Baril
At Hub Berkeley, February 23, March 30, and May 25

Hub Office Hours: Strategy Consulting with La Wanda Smith
At Hub Berkeley, March 2


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