Hub SoMa Weekly Roll up: Innovation

Hey Hubbers,

Obama just finished up his State of the Union address with an initial emphasis on Innovation (he actually said some form of the word like 27 times). There isn’t a better word to describe what is happening here at the Hub, so, I’m pretty sure that means Obama will be visiting soon. But don’t quote me on that.

I wanted to start by thanking everyone for their immense support for Hub Ventures. Both info sessions were packed and the applications have already started rolling in. If you haven’t heard of this innovative approach to funding start ups in The Hub, please check it out:

Yoga at The Hub: On February 7, we at the Hub would like to help you stretch outside of the box (I write these myself you know). We are launching Yoga at the Hub and we’re kicking it off with an evening of Yoga, dinner and artistic revelry. Go here to RSVP!!

Finally, Hub Labs are in full swing. With an exciting Tax lab last week with Rebecca Bailin (no foolin), things are just getting started. We have labs coming up on “Partnerships Stories”, “Non-Profit vs. For-Profit,” and “Is being a B-Corp right for you.” Watch the calendar, and these emails, for more, but here is what we have next week:

Of everyone who reads this, I like you the best.



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