Another Day, Another Decade

That’s right Hubbers, the second decade of 2000 is upon us. Thank god for the end of the noughties (who really liked that term anyway?).

I hope you have all enjoyed the holidays. I spent much of mine battling my couch, and my mother. I’m pretty sure I was the ‘loser’ as she shoved cookies in my mouth while the couch pinned me down.  It was hard to complain.

Nevertheless, as I mentally predicted, you have all returned to The Hub with veracity in the new year. I assume many of you have made the resolution to change everything this year, and we want to play our part to help, at least to give you all you need for your company.

1) Hub Experience Project: We will be starting the Hub Experience Project in the next few weeks. The goal is to understand more clearly how to make your experience at The Hub, from how the space is set up to events you would like to see to how best to get everyone connected. There will be surveys, one-to-one interviews and focus groups. Your participation will help shape The Hub and the community.

2) Hub Workbench: Through discussions with a variety of members of The Hub community, we have developed a full line up of labs, workshops, and office hours to be rolled out starting at the end of this month and lasting through March. These meetings will provide many of the necessary skills for starting, running, and scaling a business with your community providing most of the content. The Workbench calendar will be rolled out this month.

3) Hub Clubs: These are growing fast and there are plenty of suggestions out there. Visit the Hub Clubs website to see what is happening, when it is happening or how to make it happen. Out of 800 people, there has to be someone who wants to join you.

It’s great to see everyone again. Sexy Salad is on for tomorrow, so bring in those leftovers!!

Of everyone who reads this, I like you the best,



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