Hub Berkeley Weekly Roll Up: Holiday Glaze Over

I hope people are taking some time off.

In the battle to change to world, taking time-off often drops off the list for many people. In our struggle of always having stuff to do, how do we muster up the courage to stop for a bit, and not worry that we’ll fall behind? In fact, how can we fathom the concept that stopping for a bit will actually help us get ahead?

It’s the holiday season, and I’m guessing many people have scheduled in obligations with family. But how many people will actually stay away from checking their emails for more than a day? How many people can leave their laptops in their bags for the weekend?

I will most likely be guilty of all of this. Big time. For the coming New Year, I want to become really good at setting aside this time-off, so I can always be recharged and amped to change the world alongside the rest of you all.

There are always a billion things to do. But if #1 doesn’t monitor the fuel, and everything burns out, the billion things will never get done.

There are so many great blog posts of suggestions of how to effectively take time for yourself. I’m going to read a bunch before 2011, and start the year off right.

Happy Holidays Everyone,

General Announcements

Become a mentor for one of the largest business competitions in the world: the GSVC (Global Social Venture Competition). APPLY BY JANUARY 14

No Sexy Salad This Week )-:

Holiday Hours
This Week – Hub Berkeley Closes this Thursday (12/23) at 1 PM

Next Week – Limited Staffing Throughout Week (12/27 – 12/31)

  • Monday through Thursday – 10 AM to 4 PM Staffing
  • Friday (12/31) – Hub Closes at 1 PM

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