Hub SoMa Weekly Roll Up: SENDA launch and Holiday Schedule

Hey Hubbites

The holidays are coming and things have slowed down a bit, now that the Holiday party is behind us. However there are two things I’d like to highlight for everyone, our schedule throughout the end of the year and the launch of SENDA, another Hub enterprise started by our very own Santiago Halty.

SENDA makes fair trade soccer balls and supports non-profits using sports to change the lives of youth. We all remember the World Cup and seeing the ability of soccer to bring the world community together, wouldn’t it be even greater if fair-trade was at the heart of that? We hope you’ll join us tonight, December 16 at 7pm to support Santi as he launches this year long project designed to do just that.

Now, though we may seem like machines, even your hosting staff needs a break once in a while. So for the holiday season, we’ll be closed the following times:

  • December 23: Closing @ 1pm
  • December 24: Closed all day
  • December 31: Closing @ 1pm

Of everyone who reads this, I like you the best.



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