Hub SoMa Weekly Roll Up: Holidays

Hey Hubbers,

Happy Holidays! Its great to be back and see everyone. I hope you all enjoyed your long weekend and were able to enjoy time with friends and family. As many of you already know, the Hub Holiday Party will be at Hub SoMa on Friday, December 10 from 7-930pm. For details and RSVP, please visit this link. Hub Member discount code is hub2010holiday. We hope to see all of you there!

A few things changed while I was away and I thought I would point them out for others who haven’t been around:

  • 2 espresso machines: That’s right, find your favorite member and have yourself an old fashioned brew off. I dare say the one on the left has a little more gumption.
  • New Fans in the Privacy Booths: Remember the old days when the privacy booths were dark and dank, well no more! New Fans have been installed and are popular as ever, so please be sure to sign up and try to keep your time under 2 hours.

Additionally, we are looking for an acoustics specialist to help us improve the sound quality in the meeting rooms. If any of you know someone who might be able to help us out, we would like to hear from you. Please email the hosts.

Booking Meeting Rooms in Berkeley: I have been ask by Robin to remind you of billing procedures for booking rooms in Berkeley. Though it may come up as a $0 fee in the automatically generated invoice, you will still be charged the same rates there as you would here. Please see a host if you have any questions. We are working to correct this to avoid any confusion in the future.


  • Non-Violent Communications Workshop with Miki Kashtan: Thursday, December 9, 12-130 This workshop provides a framework and a practice for making grounded choices in challenging moments; bringing empathic presence to all aspects of our work; and learning how to speak and listen in ways that foster trust, mutual respect, and understanding even in the midst of intense disagreements. RSVP here:

Miki Kashtan is a founder of Bay Area Nonviolent Communication. She conducts organizational trainings and teaches NVC at workshops in the San Francisco Bay Area and around the country.

  • Hub Fast Pitch: Tuesday, December 14 Calling all social entrepreneurs! Are you looking for an opportunity to work on your presentation skills and hone your elevator pitch? Would you like to hear more about the work of Hub members and others in the Bay Area? If so, please join us for our lunch series called Hub Fast Pitch. To sign up to pitch, visit here:

It’s great to be back and as always, of everyone who reads this, I like you the best.



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