Hub SoMa Weekly Roll Up: Now that we can do anything…

…what will we do?

Hello Hubbers


  • FRIDAY NOVEMBER 19 (major construction in the space)

A few weeks back, Rachel Botsman, author of Collaborative Consumption, came through for a discussion which was prefaced with the question, ‘Now that we can do anything, what will do?’ This was a question that hits at the heart of the the opportunity presented by The Hub and the greater 5M project. With TechShop on the verge of opening, Intersection opening its 3rd exhibition, Hub SoMa breaking 500 members, with our Accelerator program coming online, this space is quickly growing into the open canvas any of you can use to build a better world. So, how are we going to do this?

Here’s how you start! You all know about Hub Labs and our calendar to see what is coming up. We now developed site for Hub Klubs. This site gives you all you need to start a Klub, see what Klubs exist, and connect to the Hub community around your possions. You’ll see that the Whiskey Klub will be holding an inaugural meeting this Thursday. We will be meeting at Hub SoMa at 6pm sharp. There will be a presentation from Hub member Stan Jones (link corrected from last week) will be presenting on how to distill your own whiskey.

Intersection for the Arts currently has the world premiere of the hit play, Habibi, which has received wonderful reviews. Members can get tickets here: and use the code MemHabi for a discount. We will be heading to the Mission on Friday, November 19, shortly after the wine down. (FYI, the initial run sold out, so they extended it. Get your tickets while they last!!)

There has been a recent post to the Communications Lab in the Hub Bay Area Blog. Next Monday, from 2-5, Kelli Peterson will be holding office hours for those looking for some advice on brand development. With over 20 years of brand development experience with Microsoft, Red Bull, Nike and Levi’s, and the last 4 years with brands such as The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria and UNICEF to use brand as a platform to drive awareness and mission impact. To sign up for this, please visit

  • Finally, as noted above, there will be major construction in the space on Friday, November 19 and we will be closed.
  • AND, for all you bikers, the expanded bike cage is finished and there is now plenty of room for all your biking needs!

I will be out of town next week exploring the rails of the great northwest. Hub member Frank Standard has offered to fill in with a Special Thanksgiving roll up. Enjoy the holiday everyone and I look forward to see you all the following week.

Of everyone who reads this, I like you the best



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