Hub SoMa Weekly Roll Up: Creativity Needs Hubs

Hey Hubbers,

I was recently passed a NYT article about the future of the American economy, creativity, and the changing systems for interacting. Sound familiar? That’s because this is the conversation we hear in every corner of every industry. However there were two lines which stood out for me in this article. 1) “American children are raised to challenge their parents. American underlings are relatively free to challenge their bosses. In this country you’re less likely to have to submit to authority” and 2) “The crucial fact about the new epoch is that creativity needs hubs.”

We are a space for disruption, we are a space for creativity, we are a network who believes in using collaboration to make change happen.

To help make those connections, we have recently updated our TALENT BANK which you can use to find people who you would like to meet based on change sector and skills as well as an email address for connecting to them. Alternatively, you can find their profile on Hub Space.


  • This week, Huey Mach will be offering office hours on what software to use for backup and methods, Antivirus, and Antispyware. He will also cover on what pertinent information to put on website as well as keywords and Search Engine Optimization from 2-5 pm on Thursday, November 11. You can sign up for the office hours at
  • As always, if you are interested in holding a Hub Lab or getting one in the space, please follow the link and let us know what you would like to have in the space.
  • The inaugural Whiskey HubKlub will be next Thursday, November 18. Member Stanley Jones has offered to field questions about the illicit art of home distillation. We will meet at Hub SoMa at 6pm sharp, then walk down to Bloodhound on 7th and Folsom for an intimate discussion over our favorite brown. (details on how to start your own HubKlub to follow, but in the meantime stay tuned!!).
  • Intersection for the Arts currently has the world premiere of the hit play, Habibi, which has received wonderful reviews. Members can get tickets here: and use the code MemHabi for a discount. We will be heading to the Mission on Friday, November 19, shortly after the wine down. (FYI, the initial run sold out, so they extended it. Get your tickets while they last!!)
  • Finally, Hub Berkeley will be hosting a Global Social Venture Capital Competition and Hub Mixer next Thursday from 630pm-9pm. You can find more information at

Of everyone who read this, I like you the best.



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