Viva Los Gigantes! Viva Hub Bay Area!


I hope you were all present for the momentous occasion for San Francisco last night. I also hope you’ll join us downtown tomorrow when the parade walks one block from Hub SoMa down market street.

For those of you who are not fans of baseball (well, that’s just unpatriotic;) there are other reasons to celebrate today!

  1. Hub Bay Area Celebrates 1-year Anniversary!! Please join us for our celebration in Berkeley this Thursday, November 4 from 630pm. We all deserve a bit of a party, and we hope you’ll join! Register Here: using member code hubtastic.
  2. Secret Preview Gallery Tour: The next show is called EcoArchive: Meditations on Time and Nature. Sorry for the short notice on this, but today at 12pm!!, you will have the opportunity to see the new exhibition before the opening. If you miss it, you are subsequently invited to the opening Wednesday, November 3 from 6-8.
  3. Social Media Boot Camp With Ja Shia: With resounding success in Berkeley, we’ve brought the social media production bootcamp here. There will be a one hour seminar on Thursday, November 4 from 12-1, where participants will learn practical applications and workflows for producing video for the social network.
  4. Learn about the New Leaders Council Fellowship Program:The New Leaders Council Institute is the premier political entrepreneurship training program for young professional progressive leaders. They are actively accepting applications for their 2011 fellowship program. RSVP:
  5. Opportunity Collaboration Wine Down: Hub members and friends who attended this four-day strategic and problem-solving retreat for nonprofit leaders, for-profit social entrepreneurs, funders and social investors, will be joining us for the Wine Down this Friday at 5 to discuss. Please join us!!


  • ESPRESSO? Yes, our espresso machine has seen better days. We should have a new one by the end of today (ok Barbarator?!) and we will also be getting the old one fixed so that we have two functioning machines most of the time and at least one all of the time.
  • PRIVACY BOOTHS: Soon enough the dark room conversations will be ending and we will restore light, and add in quiter fans.


Last week I mentioned the 7% discount all Hub members get at Apple. They have also invited you to join the Apple Small Business Care Plan. They will be holding a few Hub Labs here, but members can go direct to the source for:

  • 1) communication (email, chat, video conferencing, SMS, etc.)
  • 2) collaboration (document creation and sharing, screen sharing, etc.)
  • 3) backup (bootable, versioning, onsite and offsite)

To set up an account, email, reference their membership at HUB, and let us know who the main Point of Contact will be for the account so we can set them up in our system.

That is all for now. Thanks for sticking with this and I hope to see you at the One Year anniversary party!!

Of everyone who reads this, I like you (Edgar Renteria, 2010 World Series MVP and former Cardinal) the best.



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