Hub SoMa Weekly Roll Up: The Fall Classic

Hey Hubbers,

Well folks, the excitement in the space is palpable. The great success of the SOCAP has left the space buzzing with October inside, welcoming new members and projects that I encourage everyone to explore. It started with a NA HUB summit which saw folks from all over the country. Atlanta, the only US Hub outside the Bay Area, has shown real growth (but really held nothing to the giants of our community;).

Yes, things are getting hot, despite the Fall Classic within reach, by that I of course mean the anniversary of Hub Bay Area. We will be celebrating, I’m sure with the rest of the city alongside, on November 4th at Hub Berkeley. Please join us for the celebration and register here: We are also interested in who you admire. If that happens to be Pandas, then we want to here that.

As for Hub Labs, that’s right folks, The Series continues here right in the Hub. With successful Hub labs in IP and Employee benefits already this month, we are now turning to the Superheroes today to discuss collaboration and community will succeed where mere Brotherly Love falls short.

Finally, we hope you’ll Crow with us and Job Rooster tomorrow, October 22 in the Art Space at 530! It’s a small gathering to celebrate their new office and success! Text the word PARTY to 27697 to RSVP

Of everyone who reads this I like WOOOOOO, GO GIANTS!!! CODY ROSS IS BOSS WOOOOOOOO!!! *ahem* ….the best.


UPCOMING EVENTS AND HUB LABS (Please see calendar for more info)

Thursday, October 21: CALLING ALL SUPERHEROES: Want to step up and really make a difference? RSVP :

Tuesday, October 26: [HubBerk] Story of Stuff Brown Bag Teaser: The Story of Stuff team will be holding a Sneak Peek on the Story of Electronics.

Thursday, October 28: Best Practices using CRM and CMS systems for your organization: RSVP:


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