Hub SoMa Weekly Roll Up: Good Food and Connecting to Your Community

Hey Hubbers,

There have been some great additions to the Hub repertoire over the last week. Last Friday saw the introduction of Hub Clubs, a platform for bringing together smaller group interested in anything from hiking to whiskies and shared CFOs for startups to Hub Feasts. Fueled by the energy and enthusiasm of a small group of members interested in getting more from this community…and a bit of alcohol. If you are interested in developing this platform further, please contact Lindsey Franklin or Danny Alexander, but we will most likely be holding future meetings of this sort at the Friday Night Wine Downs.

Folks, the fruits of your labor have not gone unnoticed, and the wine and cheese gods have blessed us with a plethora of both for your blood, sweat, and tears. You may have noticed the arsenal stocked full of these items due in part to SOCAP and The Good Food Awards. We’ll be putting the cheeses (and pickles and preserves) out through out the weeks. Please join us in the upcoming weeks for our Friday Night Wine Down for a taste of the gifts we can offer (we spoil you, really;) and to connect to the other hubbers.

Upcoming Hub Labs:

  • Thursday, October 14: Chad Woodford and Joe Morris will present on the basics of open source software and creative commons licensing, both from the perspective of the author/creator and the licensee/user. Sign up here:
  • Thursday, October 21: Calling All Superheroes: Want to step up and really make a difference? Join Jeff Young and Julia Dvorin for a superhero summit that will map out a way to give all of us the crucial leverage we need in order to successfully make the difference we know we want to make. Sign up here:

To see all of our events, please visit our Hub SoMa Events Calendar. But don’t forget our weekly events:

  • On Monday, we will be holding free Yoga with Cara Jones in the space at 12pm, which you can sign up for here:
  • On Tuesday at 12pm in the Hubble with Augusta Hopkins, please sign up here:
  • Sexy salad pot luck lunch happens weekly at noon and we hope you’ll be joining us for some good food.

Of everyone who reads this, I like you the best.



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