Hub SoMa Weekly Roll Up: SOCAP and Hub Clubs!

Hey Hubbers,

The whirlwind of SOCAP has arrived! This week will pay witness to the conference you have seen many of us frantically running around promoting, developing and putting together. I know many of you will attend, but for those of you who don’t, keep your eye out for an email from Calgary coming shortly regarding a party this evening and other ways to participate in the big event.

However, back at the Hub, there are a couple of things I want to bring to your attention. Hub Labs are kicking off this week with the following schedule:

  • October 7: Employee benefits for startups with AJ Anabel: This lab is going to be an informational event covering the basics on Employee Benefits. Topics will range from implementing group health plans as well as other benefits that can be and are offered on a group level. We will cover disability insurance for business owners, buy-sell agreements utilizing life insurance as well as retirement solutions such as 401k plans and other more basic types of retirement plan.You can register for this Lab at
  • October 14th: Chad Woodford and Joe Morris will present on the basics of open source software and creative commons licensing, both from the perspective of the author/creator and the licensee/user. We will cover the GPL, the Apache License, the various creative commons licenses, and other common licenses, as well as the basics of copyright and patent law relevant to the topic. You can register for this lab at

Finally, Love whiskey? There’s a HubClub for that.
Play soccer? There’s a HubClub for that.
Work in Microfinance? There’s a HubClub for that.

Excited about something? We’re starting HubClubs to help build community within the Hub and connect members with similar passions. After all, the Hub is only as good as it’s community. So come join us on Friday, October 8 at 5pm for an open discussion about how best to strengthen the bonds between members and create the thriving community we all know the Hub can be.

Oh yeah, there will be wine. FREE wine.

Of everyone who reads this, I like you the best.



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