Hub SoMa Weekly Roll Up: Where Ideas Have Sex

Hello Hubbers,

I was passed two links (short and long) to the work of Steven Johnson, author of Where Good Ideas Come From, which I think resonates strongly with the culture of the Hub. One of the most pertinent lines in the video was that “Good ideas come from collisions of hunches smaller than themselves.” This is what the Hub was built for and this is what we hope you are finding here. We, at the Hub and SOCAP, would love to hear of any of these stories from you as we continue building this together.

Yes, that’s right, SOCAP is right around the corner, starting next week. There will another announcement with parts for all who don’t have tickets to attend coming shortly. Stay tuned!

Last week I was also passed a very poignant link which I think all members of the Hub will find interesting. It’s a list comprised links to all the different paths for funding for people interested in or running a social enterprise. Hope this will help you all out!

There are two great walking tours this week:

  • The first is today at 12pm and will be around the area of SoMa showing off all the great restaurants bars and art spaces close by the Hub. It will be led by Brad Paul who gave the talks on the history of SoMa and has worked and lived in the vicinity for the last 20 years.
  • The second is a walking tour and discussion of the Chronicle Building. It will take place on Thursday at 12pm and will be led by Dave Byers, building manager for the building for the last 25 years.

Weekly Events:

  • -Tuesday, 12pm in the Hubble: Meditation led by Augusta Hopkins, sign up is appreciated
  • -Wednesday, 6pm at Hub Berkeley: Soccer, please contact Lindsey Franklin if you are interested
  • Thursday, 12pm in Hub SoMa kitchen: Sexy Salad Pot Luck Lunch with yours truly;)
  • Monday, 12pm in the Hub: Yoga, please contact the hosts if you are interested in participating in this,

Of everyone who reads this, I like you the best.



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