Hub SoMa Weekly Roll Up: Go Team!

Hello Hubbers,

In the past week, I’ve recognized three separate Hub interactions purely by happenstance within the space, but a direct result of us being put in the space together. Essentially, given the choice of co-working spaces in this town, you’ve all recognized that you all want to be on the same team, collaborate with people who think along the same lines as you and believe in making the world a better place through the work they do. So thank you all for being part of this team. And in the spirit of teamwork, we have organized a weekly soccer game in Berkeley. Organized by Santiago Halty of Hub Berkeley and supported by Lindsey Franklin, Hub SoMa member, the game takes place every Wednesday night at 6 at Berkeley. Please contact one of them if you are interested in playing!

We hope that you will join us for the final parts of our month-long program on the history of development, art and architecture in SoMa as well as a walking tour of your home away from home, The Chronicle Building:

  • Thursday, September 23: Architecture and Awe – A Brown Bag Lunch at the Hub with John King – Architecture writer/critic – San Francisco Chronicle/SFGATE
  • Tuesday, September 28: SoMa Spaces Walking tour – A walk that highlight local arts venues, interesting bars and restaurants nearby and some practical lessons regarding both the history and current state of crime in the area (and what we can all do to avoid and lessen it).
  • Thursday, September 30: History of the Chronicle Building: Under and over the Street, A Walking Tour

Hub Accelerator Series: This is well underway here and I want to take this opportunity to explain this toolbox further and raise awareness around a few related events coming up:

  • Hub Labs: These member-driven learning sessions last an hour in general and leave the attendees with a skill which they can use for starting their business. In October, we will have IP lawyers, specialists in Employee benefits for startups, and collaboration gurus. Please see the calendar for more details. If you want to offer a Hub Lab, please fill out this form:
  • Hub Workshops: These a Hub organized, larger and longer skills based events similar to the Kiva Social Enterprise events happening regularly here.
  • HubCap: These events, happening in both Berkeley and SoMa, are you opportunity to pitch to VCs, potential investors, and peers to get honest feedback and potentially funding. The fast pitch sessions are your opportunity to refine your pitching skills so you are ready to compete for the seed capital we will be offering businesses in the new year!!
  • Office Hours: This is your opportunity to meet with professionals about all aspects of starting or running a business, be it legal, social media, or geo-spacial locating, you can get one-to-one help at the Hub. Again, all these are on our calendar.

If you have any questions about these, please don’t hesitate to come by and ask me about it.

Finally, through the Compathos Film Series, we will be holding a premiere of the movie Wasteland at Hub SoMa this Thursday. Hope you will join!

Of everyone who reads this, I like you the best.


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