Hub Berkeley Weekly Roll Up: Opportunities


An overused cliche, but a very important mantra in our world of entrepreneurs and changemakers.


Because when you see an opportunity, just showing up can make the difference. Many times, fear of not feeling 100% with your idea or fear of first impressions causes no-shows. Don’t let this stop you. Because you never know what surprises the Opportunity might present, say for example, when an investor with their checkbook in hand shows up to a HubCap Fast Pitch (yes, this happened at SoMa on Tuesday, September 14!).

Be Bold. Make the commitment, and don’t back down.

You’ve gotta be a little Crazy to be an innovator anyway, so don’t let small hesitations keep you from that next big thing.

Upcoming Event Highlight

A Big Opportunity (Raising Cap for Social Entrepreneurs):

Another Big Opportunity:


MEDITATION THURSDAYS! Now, weekly peace of mind at Hub Berkeley.

Last chance to send Santiago to Chicago! The raffle ends THIS FRIDAY; great Senda Athletic Prizes. Come Futbol this Wednesday. 6:00 PM – Meet at Hub Berkeley.

Hub Members Providing Opportunities

Hub Office Hours: Non Violent Communication Workshop
Member: Judith Katz
TOMORROW, September 21, 2:00pm – 5:00pm at BERKELEY

Hub Fast Pitch
Member: Everybody Who Signs Up
Next Tuesday, September 28, 12:00pm – 1:30pm at BERKELEY

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