Hub SoMa Weekly Roll Up: Changes are here

Hello Hubbers

Well, here we are again, another weekly roll up filled with the most exciting information about the place you call work.

Things got a little crazy this week with the addition of 7 new tables (surprisingly, most of you didn’t notice;). They were built out of love through the combined efforts of both TechShop and your favorite Hub employees. Please take care of them (use a coaster!) and let us know if you have any ideas, or praise, for how the space could possibly be better utilized. Additionally, please note the wonderful signage the hosting team has put up to help make it clearer how meeting rooms, privacy booths, the kitchen and the nest should be upon arrival AND departure. If you have problems reading, please ask a host, we love reading aloud.

While on the subject of space management, our favorite method of cyber connectivity saw a small hiccup at the beginning of the week. We were aware of the issue before you all arrived, but failed to dot and cross all our ITs (yes you can use that one;). Those have now been taken care of, but if you continue to encounter problems, please let one of your friendly hosts know. We apologize for any inconvenience and we will be better about communicating all future changes as we continually seek to improve your surfing experience.


As always, we’ll be holding Sexy Salad Pot Luck Lunch on Wednesday. We will have our final representation from County Line Harvest as they will be switching to a pre-order only from now on. If you are interested in pre-ordering a box, please email Megan at

On Thursday at noon, we will be continuing the series on SoMa and the history of the area with a talk on local cultural facilities and street art led by Deborah Cullinan of Intersection for the Arts. This is the second part of the series and will be followed up shortly by a walking tour that will highlight local arts venues, interesting bars and restaurants nearby and some practical lessons regarding both the history and the current state of crime in the area (and what we can do to avoid it.)

The SoMa Hub will offer a ‘Mindfulness, Movement & Meditation’. The SoMa Hub will offer a ‘Mindfulness, Movement & Meditation’. The first session will take place next Tuesday, September 21st, from noon-1, in the Hubble.

A Hub member has offered to lead a weekly meditation session at the SoMa Hub.  Augusta Hopkins has been studying movement, mindfulness & meditation in different forms since 1977. Since an intense immersive introduction to the Buddhist practice of meditation four years ago, she has continued to build on her experience, diving ever deeper. In order to sign up for this, please visit the following link

Finally, for those of you wishing to get a lead-in to SOCAP this year, there is a great event at the Commonwealth Club on Friday. Visit for more information.

Of everyone who reads this, I like you the best.



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