New Home, New Family

Hello Hubbers,

My name is Eunji. I am originally form  Seoul, Korea and it is my second year here in the beautiful bay area. I know, I know, how do you pronounce my name? Just ask me and I am willing to show you as many times as you care to ask me!

I would like to tell every Hubber about who I am. I am a new full-time Events Intern at Hub SoMa, expecting to work for a whole year. How awesome! I am so thrilled having such a great opportunity to work at this cool place!  At Hub, I see the flow of plenty of ideas, passions and enthusiasm of all members with unique dreams. I am getting highly motivated and encouraged by all of you day after day. Thank you.

Since I started working at Hub my morning has changed. With humming, I look forward to my new day at Hub. Due to your warm welcoming, I already feel at home and have a new family. I am excited to be part of the close-knit hubbers. For a year, I will try to contribute to help Calgary in creating memorable events. I am truly delighted to be involved and engaged in a variety of projects at Hub.

I look forward to see you all at this special place.




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