Compathos Film with Social Impact Director Series @ The Hub!

At Compathos, we believe that there is a fine line between art and disruption. In Greek  –  “pathos,” of three forms of rhetoric, is the story that moves the viewer to compassion and action. We are excited to be participants in a new wave of storytelling and documentary filmmaking that has the potential to inspire change and bring major impact to public life and politics. This together with a shift away from centralized models of advertising, newsgathering, and entertainment towards an engaged participatory, open source information culture has the potential to promote, transform and benefit the socially responsible and philanthropic space as well.

Together with the Hub, we invite you to Compathos Film with Social Impact Director Series which presents new,  critically acclaimed releases, undiscovered gems along with established award winning films which account for a range of environmental and humanitarian impacts. This year’s goals are to not only illuminate educational films and issues, but the entrepreneurial artists that are standing in the gap with their amazing talent, energy and vision.

Various themes will correspond with exhibits at Intersection 5M Gallery, such as the 2010 multi-award winning Wasteland on September 23.  The majority of screenings will be followed by a discussion with the director, special guest or discussion leader.  We plan to explore measurable impacts, evaluate various types of media rich campaigns, and organize ongoing dialog and media resources for the community throughout the year at the Hub.

Our fall program rocks with some fun things planned, so don’t forget to watch for monthly screenings and mark your calendar for these exciting events.  Seating is limited.  Our first three films are pre screenings before theatrical release:

Return to El Salvador” with SPEAKER – Director Jamie Moffett – September 2

“Wasteland” – Directed by Lucy Walker – September  23

“IAM” – with SPEAKER – Director Tom Shadyac (Ace Ventura, Nutty Professor, etc.) October  15

For more information visit

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Fall 2010 Program

Compathos on Facebook

If you are interested in sponsoring or helping out with this event please contact:

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