Hub Communications Lab: Differentiating from Competitors

This is the fifth post in what we intend to make a weekly series, brought to you by the Hub Communications Lab.  The idea is that you have questions about marketing and communications, and other Hub members have access to answers.  Submit your questions to and then watch this space.   And if you need more info, let us know and maybe we’ll put together a workshop if there’s enough interest!

How do I tell my prospect customers that I’m really doing what my competitors only say they’re doing?

First and foremost you want to keep the conversation positive and focused on what you do, not what they don’t do.  You should never bring the competitor into the conversation, it will not only open the door for comparison but you will lose valuable time engaging your customer on the attributes of your service or product.  Know what your customer needs and then identify the specific benefits of your service or product.  Tell your customer this. Tell them the value that your process or production or delivery model brings to your customer’s problem.

And remember, every conversation is an opportunity to inject your company values and convey your brand essence.  Remember what you stand for, remember why you started this business and ensure that you take an extra minute to reinforce or inject that belief in every conversation you have.  All of those extra minutes build in value over time – as checkpoints for you, as reinforcement points for your staff and ultimately in the marketplace.


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