Hub SoMa Weekly Roll Up: Changes in the Space and Boot Camp

Hey Hubbers,

I wanted to thank everyone who attended the Member Mixer last Thursday (see photos below) and especially the individuals who presented their projects to the group. It was inspiring for me, who easily gets caught up in the day to day of this place, to see the reasons that we are all working here together. So Thanks. We will be holding another one in a couple months and I invite all of you to join us for it and get in touch if you are interested in presenting your projects next time.

I also wanted to bring member awareness to a business scam that is going around trying to get money from startups. A company by the name of California Business Collector (CBC) is sending out mailers asking businesses to complete a Disclosure Form of Directors and Shareholders and submit a fee. This organization is not affiliated with the State of California. The fine print on the document states that this is a solicitation and not a bill. Please see the sample document for more information.


  • TABLES AND CHAIRS: As you may have noticed, we have brought 30 more chairs into the space. Hopefully this will alleviate some of the demand and we will be adding 8 more tables in the next couple weeks.
  • PRIVACY BOOTHS: Please make sure you are all marking the times you need to use the booths so that there is clear communication to the members. They are becoming quite popular so this is necessary for functionality.
  • KITCHEN AND FRIDGE: With the membership over 300 now, the shared kitchen requires everyone to be aware of their impact. Please make sure your dishes are going in the dishwasher when it is not running already. Also, the fridge is getting very full very fast, so please don’t leave things in there more than a day or there will be no space.


Craigslist Foundation Boot Camp
Saturday, August 14, 7:30am-5:30pm, UC Berkeley campus

Hub Bay Area is excited to participate in Craigslist Foundation’s 7th annual Boot Camp. This one-day, high-energy conference brings together and  showcases effective community leaders.  Through a series of inspiring panels, interactive workshops, collaborative programs and networking opportunities, Craigslist Foundation Boot Camp cultivates conversation and empowers people to affect a positive impact in their neighborhoods and communities.

Hub Bay Area will appear on a panel at  the event on fostering collaboration among social entrepreneurs.

All Hub members are eligible to register at the lowest (Level 1)  rate, regardless of their size.  For more information  or to    register, click here

As always, we have our Sexy Salad Pot Luck Lunch this Wednesday at 12 with County Line Harvest providing some veggies. Please bring your favorite side and join us!! Then on Thursday from 2-430, Hanson Bridgett is holding office hours in the space. Please sign up to the doodle if you want to get legal advice!!

Of everyone who reads this, I like you the best.


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