Are you also sad that the World Cup is over?

Have no fear, there’s still time for the competitor in all of us to shine… HUB-style.  You’re already a member of the HUB so claim your spot on Team HUB, and help us defeat Team Net Impact in the Good-Action Playoff, a friendly competition to see which membership collectively does the most good in their daily lives.  Read on for details and inspiration.

What? The Good-Action Playoff is a friendly one month competition to see which team can do the most good.  All Hub members in the Bay Area are invited to the team, where we earn points for logging-in good actions.  Did you do something nice for someone or the environment recently?  Did you make a helpful introduction or go out of your way to drive someone home?  Check it into the system to inspire others to do the same and to help Team HUB win.  Imagine the bragging rights!  They have almost double the members so we’ll need everyone to get involved.

Need an added bonus? Individuals tally points as well… You can trade in these earned points for prizes (e.g. Kiva gift certificate).  Here’s the catch.  You don’t get the prize, but instead get to give it to other HUB members.  Talk about a virtuous circle…

Where?  Do your actions anywhere & everywhere, but the record-keeping and trash-talking is online.  Join Team HUB via this private link  Afterwards you can log back into the Playoff at Blitz Bazaar’s homepage,

When? The action begins this Friday at 5pm, July 23rd and goes through Sunday August 22nd, but please join the team now to get our ducks in a row before game-time.

The Good-Action Playoff is powered by Blitz Bazaar, a company founded by Hub Member, Lloyd Nimetz.  Recognizing the power of social context, Blitz Bazaar allows us to socialize good actions (not ‘socialize’ in the Communist sense but in the ‘party with your friends’ sense) and use the power of competition to inspire, motivate and support good work.  Please email Lloyd at if you have any questions.

Join Team HUB today!


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