Hub SoMa Weekly Roll-Up: Competition

My father is a competitive man. I learned by the age of 10 that he wasn’t about to ‘take it easy’ on the basketball court, soccer field, or anywhere, just because he was twice my size. It was ingrained into me that being competitive was how you win. However, my brothers and I learned that if we played together, we could beat him. Working together creatively, allowed us to defeat our old man. And he’s respected us for it ever since.

It’s in that light that I would like to announce Hub SoMa’s participation in THE GOOD ACTION PLAYOFF!! The Playoff is a friendly competition between the members of the Hub Bay Area & Net Impact SF to see which network of changemakers collectively does more good in their daily lives over the next month. The playoff kicks off THIS FRIDAY @ 7pm @ THE HUB SOMA WINE DOWN!!! We need your support to make this happen! Sign up here and get your good deeds started today!!

Then, on Thursday, July 22, join Jeff Barnum and Reos Partners for drinks, snacks and a discussion around “Creativity and Social Change”

How can we create the world we need for ourselves and for our children? What does it mean to create, and how can creativity be harnessed on an organizational, systemic, or even larger scale for social change?

For some people, creativity is something only for artists or entertainers. In our work at Reos Partners, creativity is the difference between social intent and social result. Creativity is the difference between desiring to create a new social reality and making the new society real. Read Jeff Barnum’s recent article on Social Sculpture here. Jeff Barnum, a Reos Partners co-founder, artist, and entrepreneur, focuses on understanding and applying creativity in our social change efforts around the world. Please join us by registering here.

Join us tomorrow for the first in a series of Hub Fast Pitch sessions. Are you looking for an opportunity to work on your presentation skills and hone your elevator pitch?  Would you like to hear more about the work of Hub members and others in the Bay Area?  If so, please join us for the kick off of a new lunch series called Hub Fast Pitch. Tomorrow there is space for audience only, however, we will be looking for entrepreneurs to practice their pitches in the future. Please contact Calgary for more information at

Upcoming Brown Bags:

  • Thursday, July 22: Jorge Calderon of Springworks “While studies continue to show the benefits of diversity, most organizations wait until they are large enterprises before implementing diversity programs.  At Springworks we are intent on driving diversity within the startup community, especially at the management level.  We are interested in discussing how founders are currently weaving human capital diversity into their strategic plans to create a competitive advantage.  For this brown bag, I’d like to encourage informal participation from anyone who is already implementing this strategy, anyone who wants to but doesn’t know how to and anyone else who is curious about the topic.”
  • Monday July 26: SF Emerging Arts Professional’s Be the first to learn about the Emerging Arts Professional’s (SFBAEAP) new fellowship program and exciting leadership development opportunities!

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