Hub SoMa Weekly Roll Up

Hello Hubbers,

Well, like all great things, World Cup has come to an end with a victory for Spain, their first in it’s history. Viva España!!!

During the game, I couldn’t help correlating the World Cup to our member mailing list. For example, interest in the game grew rapidly, just as we have doubled the amount of contributors in the last 8 weeks. Also, we were dolling out ‘yellow cards’ for ‘penalties’ against the group, similar to the ref of the final game. Finally, World Cup is great in small amounts, just as the daily digest wraps up all the amazing and exciting information we have to share in a little package. So, to recap, if you would like to get a daily digest for the member mailing list, please email for Hub SoMa and for Hub Berkeley and we will happily make the changes.

Over the next couple weeks, we have a very exciting list of events. You can find a brief overview on our Hub Events Calendar, and register for them at the following links:

Then, in Hub Berkeley, please join us on July 20 for a workshop titled: Best Practices: Fundraising for Green and Social Businesses. You can register here

Our newest host Annie Sexton has started a voting process on our Facebook page for people interested having Yoga at Hub SoMa. If this is something that interests you, please respond there or email the hosts.

Finally, Meredith has updated the Hub Bay Area Talent Bank!! Check out who is working in both SoMa and Berkeley on this full list of members.

All the best


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