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The Tarlesson family and Chedepo-Grebo people of Liberia in the USA are pleased to invite you to join with us as we celebrate our second annual settlement in Capay Valley, California. Join us each year every 1st Sunday in July!

Chedepo-Grebo Cultural Festival

When: July 1st– 4th 2010. Main Event: Sunday, July 4th from 2:00 PM – 6:00 PM.

Where: Tarlesson Farm, 7090 State Highway 16, Guinda, California 95637

Events will include:

  • African Refugees reunion and Thanksgiving.
  • Performance of TORKOLOH: “Chedepo-Grebo People War Dance” (usually only performed to celebrate major events in tribe).
  • The TARLESSON FAMILY: ‘The Best in African Cultural Showcase’. Mixture of Gospel, drumming, singing, dance, and more.
  • Chedepo-Grebo Women Farmers Agri-Social Troupe: Mixture of work and social! We want the farmers to come see if a tractor is faster than the Chedepo-Grebo people planting. The planting propelled by drumming, singing and dance.
  • Performance, Gospel, and much more.

Main reception and feast: The Tarlesson family and Chedepo-Grebo people will offer cow, goats, sheep and chickens in alignment with their African Tradition.

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