Hub Berkeley Weekly Roll-Up: Rolling with the Punches

First things first: Hub Berkeley (and Hub SoMa too) will be closed this Monday (July 5).

I’m just going to come out and say it: I like housecleaning.  Not that I look forward to it or prefer it over a nice picnic in the park or anything, but once I start, I get a strangely satisfying comfort from cleaning messes.  Hey, it’s a messy, chaotic world out there, and while I try to accept that and even appreciate it, there is definitely a part of me that loves having the power to impose order, no matter how small.

So this week’s roll-up is dedicated to housekeeping–but psychically satisfying housekeeping, I promise.  Some new things you might want to be aware of:

  • Last-Minute Hubble Rate: You can now sign up to use the Hubble for the same day for $10/hour.  There’s a sign up sheet on the door, and we bill your account with your next membership payment, so there’s no hassle.
  • Drop-In Passes: We can now accommodate people who want to use the Hub for just one day–colleagues who live far away, interns, friends, partners, or mothers-in-law.  The rate is $25/day.  Talk to a host to find out how to get a pass.
  • Member-to-member Listserve Digest: It was recently brought to my attention that y’all might not all be aware that you can get e-mails from the member listserve grouped into a digest format.  Like housecleaning, it might help your life–or your inbox, at least–feel a little less chaotic.  Write to request the change.
  • Lost and Found: Just reminding you that as of July 1, all items in the lost and found will find their way to the loving homes of Hub staff.  From now on, anything left for longer than 2 months will similarly be put up for adoption.

Now that that’s out of the way (okay, you’re right, I enjoyed every minute of that), here’s a plug for this week’s events.  Tuesday come learn about how social enterprise defeated fast food at UC Berkeley at a brown bag lunch led by two of your beloved Hub hosts.  Wednesday afternoon is your chance to find out how you can brush up on your presentation skills at a session that will include both experienced Toastmasters and public speaking newbies.  Thursday you can visit with the approachable and knowledgeable Jen Boynton of Triple Pundit during her social media office hours and ask her about how to publish a guest post on her popular site or pick her brain for other online tips.

Whew.  I needed that.  I don’t know about you, but I feel a lot better already.

Upcoming Events*

*Hub produced events in Red; Member produced events in Gray.

The Hub Berkeley Short List
Sexy Salad, June 30
Presentation Skills Working Group Kickoff, June 30
Triple Pundit Social Media Office Hours, July 1
Wine Down, July 2
Hub Berkeley Closed, July 5
Sexy Salad, July 7

Wine Down, July 9

This Week

Sexy Salad

Wednesday, June 30, 12pm-1pm, Hubble Meeting Room, Hub Berkeley

(Open to the Public)  Sexy Salad is officially a Hub tradition every Wednesday!  Join us this Wednesday to relax, eat, chat, and get to know other amazing Hub members–entrepreneurs, freelancers, academics, funders, leaders, movers and shakers working for good.   We’re now inviting potential members to join us for some salad and check out what the Hub community is all about.

Participation is easy: just show up, bring an ingredient, and learn how tasty collaboration can be.  Need ideas?  How about spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms, artichoke hearts, almonds, apples, or your favorite salad dressing.  Bring bread or spread or pasta or potato salad.  Bring something you cooked and prepped or bought at the market on the way to work.  Most importantly, bring yourself!  Your mission: to prove that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.  And best of all, no need to RSVP!

Presentation Skills Working Group Kickoff

Wednesday, June 30, 5:30pm-6:30pm, Hubble Meeting Room, Hub Berkeley

(Members Only)  We’re starting to get started!  Join us for the first meeting of our Presentation Skills Working Group. In this initial meeting, we will assess what the group needs in terms of training, what time we can devote, and what options for training we’ll use (free form group or ToastMasters).  If we have a few brave souls who have immediate need for feedback, we can listen to fellow Hubbers’ presentations, evaluate and give suggestions (please email so she will know how many want to present). Once we have consensus on the time and methodology, we will set up a schedule for our future meetings. Public speaking is a challenge to most of us, but it is a skill that can be acquired, and learned well in a nonjudgmental, supporting and caring Hub community. So we hope to see you folks on Wednesday!

Triple Pundit Social Media Office Hours

Thursday, July 1, 3pm-6pm, Hubble Meeting Room, Hub Berkeley

(Members only)  Curious about how to leverage blogging and social media to further your business? Hub partner Triple Pundit   is pleased to announce that they will be be hosting exclusive office hours for Hub members.  Triple Pundit is one of the leading blogs about sustainable business with thousands of visitors every day.  Come visit with Managing Editor Jen Boynton and tell her about your company, find out how you can submit a guest post to Triple Pundit, or just ask that burning question about twitter or Google Buzz. For more information or to RSVP, email

Wine Down

Friday, July 2, 4:00pm, Hub Berkeley

(Members Only) Wine down is back!  Come work out of the Hub on Fridays then join us for an informal social hour (or however much you can spare) to decompress after a productive week, chat with other members, and transition to the weekend.  We’ll provide a bottle of wine, but feel free to bring more if you’re so moved.

Next Week:

Hub Berkeley will be closed on Monday, July 5.

Sexy Salad

Wednesday, July 7, 12pm-1pm, Hubble Meeting Room, Hub Berkeley

(Open to the Public)  See description above.

Wine Down

Friday, July 9, 4:00pm, Hub Berkeley

(Members and Invited Guests Only)  See description above.

Hub SoMa Events
[HubSoMa] EADS Innovation Strategy Dinner, June 29
[HubSoMa] Fearless Entrepreneur Panel Event, June 30
[HubSoMa] Sexy Salad, July 1
[HubSoMa] Wine Down, July 2
Hub SoMa Closed, July 5

[HubSoMa] Tour of SF Dump, July 7
[HubSoMa] Sexy Salad, July 8
[Hub SoMa] Thinkubator Event with Adaptive Edge & Hub SoMa, July 8
[HubSoMa] Wine Down, July 9

For details on other Hub SoMa events, click here.

Hub News

Last Minute Hubble Rate

Need a spot for a last-minute meeting or call?  Hub Berkeley’s Hubble is now available at a special, last-minute rate of $10/hour.  If nobody has previously reserved the Hubble, you can write your name on the new sign by the door and use it for as long as it’s free.  We’ll bill your account, so there aren’t even any extra hassles!  Write if you have any questions.

Listserve Digest Option

It was brought to our collective attention last week that while many of you like being on the member-to-member listserve, you sometimes feel a wee bit overwhelmed by the number of e-mails.  We’d like to remind you that there is a digest option that will hold the e-mails until they reach a certain size and then send them to you in one batch.  If you’re interested in the digest option, just let us know at

Lost and Found

Our Lost and Found drawers were getting so full that they threatened to explode and cover all of Hub Berkeley in the forgotten belongings of our lovely members, so we’ve cleaned them out and put everything out into the open.  If you think you’ve left something at Hub Berkeley (a digital photo frame?  sweatshirt?  notebook?  Mac adaptor?  mouse?  umbrella or two?), please come by before July 1 to claim your things.  After July 1, all lost and found items will be donated to the needy or, in some cases, taken home by staff.  From now on you’ll have one month to claim leftover items before they’re cleared out for good.

New Members

Please help us welcome our new members:

Ann Wizer
Karen Siverson
Chris Turitzin, Valencia Labs
Jagjit Choudhary, CoWINvest
Marvin Brown
Joe Mathews
Natalie Walsh
Jacob Park, Adaptive Edge
Hayley Chin
Michael Crane

Member News and Events

Craigslist Foundation Boot Camp

Saturday, August 14, 7:30am-5:30pm, UC Berkeley campus

Hub Bay Area is excited to participate in Craigslist Foundation’s 7th annual Boot Camp.   This one-day, high-energy conference brings together and showcases effective community leaders.  Through a series of inspiring panels, interactive workshops, collaborative programs and networking opportunities, Craigslist Foundation Boot Camp cultivates conversation and empowers people to affect a positive impact in their neighborhoods and communities.  Hub Bay Area will appear on a panel at the event on fostering collaboration among social entrepreneurs.

All Hub members are eligible to register at the lowest (Level 1) rate, regardless of their size.  If you register by June 30, you get an additional 25% off for a total price of $75.  For more information or to register, click here.

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