Adaptive Edge Launch

To celebrate our new offices in the Hub SoMa, the Adaptive Edge team is hosting a reception and interactive dialogue on Thursday June 24 from 6:30-9:30pm to explore better future scenarios. This is an opportunity to stop by Hub SoMa to discuss and reflect on the bigger picture and find out what success looks like if we get things right. Food and refreshments and appetizers will be provided. Take up the chance of an evening to connect with interesting people with unique perspectives from our community in a lively though provoking night of future dialogue.

Future Scenarios Questions To Think About:
What are the better future scenarios within the next 20 years?
What are the alternative possibilities for how we might work, live and play?
And how can we make these alternative futures happen —individually and collectively—in just two decades?

Adaptive Edge gives three reasons why a focus should be placed on better futures. Firstly, all the negative views bombarding society make it difficult to see the positive possibilities in the present and future. Secondly, fragmentation of resources, effort, and effectiveness become a great risk without a clear sense of the bigger picture. The bigger picture shows what success looks like and shared strategies that can be used to achieve it. Thirdly, thinking about better futures is fun, energizing, and an effective way to connect people’s projects and passions.

Adaptive Edge was founded by Nicole-Anne Boyer in 2004 and includes a growing local and global network of leading practitioners. The firm specializes in strategic foresight, future innovation, and collaborative approaches to addressing important long-term issues. Adaptive Edge focuses on breakthrough new models, mindsets and methods for creating better futures. Clients span sectors from leading global corporations, governments, non-profits and civil society leaders, to communities and networks of interest committed to accelerating deeper change. Adaptive Edge services include: scenario planning, forecasting, future dialogues, future immersion (field trips), adaptive leadership training, innovation tools, systemic change methods, stakeholder convening, and high impact conference/convening design. 

Please remember to RSVP. If you have any questions, email Jennifer.


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