Hub Berkeley Weekly Roll-Up: Missing Umbrellas and Missed Connections

I must have given away a lot of umbrellas in my previous life, because there’s a steady stream of  umbrellas arriving at my doorstep in this one.  Given the enormity of our lost and found pile at Hub Berkeley, chances are that if you’ve come into the space in the last 9 months, you probably left something here.  If umbrellas aren’t your thing, maybe it was a sweatshirt, or a Mac adaptor, or a mouse.  Or if your future is particularly bright, it could be that pair of shades.  Regardless, if there’s something missing from your life, it’s probably here at Hub Berkeley.  Come by and check out the pile soon, because it’s all going away on July 1.  That’s when all the neglected and abandoned gear in the lost and found will be donated to Goodwill or, if it’s lucky,  adopted into the loving home of a Hub volunteer or staff member.

Or maybe it’s not possessions but connections that are missing from your life.  If that’s the case, come to our first monthly Member Mixer.  The kickoff mixer is happening next Thursday (6/24) at Hub Berkeley, and it’s a chance for you to meet new Hub members, catch up with old ones, and get to know other passionate, friendly changemakers.  Next month Hub SoMa will host the mixer, so everyone has the opportunity to cross the Bay.

If it’s not just connections but collaboration that’s lacking, then come by the Hub next Monday for a training with Miki Kashtan on Nonviolent Communication as applied to collaborating for change.  Collaboration can yield amazing results, but let’s face it, it’s not always easy to connect with the people we need to work with.  This workshop will help you speak and listen in ways that foster trust, mutual respect, and understanding even in the midst of intense disagreements.  Because, hey, sometimes we all need a little help making collaboration work.

So no more missing out–come get connected, get acquainted, and get inspired!  Just don’t forget to take everything with you when you leave.  (Unless you bring a new iPad.  Your hostess would happily find a new home for that.)

Upcoming Events*

*Hub produced events in Red; Member produced events in Gray.

The Hub Berkeley Short List
Sexy Salad, June 16
International Development Working Group Meeting, June 16
Wine Down, June 18

Nonviolent Communication Workshop: Collaborating for Change, June 21
Sexy Salad, June 23
Member Mixer!, June 24
Wine Down, June 25

This Week

Sexy Salad

Wednesday, June 16, 12pm-1pm, Hubble Meeting Room, Hub Berkeley

(Open to the Public)  Sexy Salad is officially a Hub tradition every Wednesday!  Join us this Wednesday to relax, eat, chat, and get to know other amazing Hub members–entrepreneurs, freelancers, academics, funders, leaders, movers and shakers working for good.   We’re now inviting potential members to join us for some salad and check out what the Hub community is all about.

Participation is easy: just show up, bring an ingredient, and learn how tasty collaboration can be.  Need ideas?  How about spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms, artichoke hearts, almonds, apples, or your favorite salad dressing.  Bring bread or spread or pasta or potato salad.  Bring something you cooked and prepped or bought at the market on the way to work.  Most importantly, bring yourself!  Your mission: to prove that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.  And best of all, no need to RSVP!

International Development Working Group Meeting

Wednesday, June 16, 6:30pm-8:00pm, Hub Berkeley

(Members and invited guests only)  Come talk to Hub members working in the field of International Development and find out what’s new.  This meeting will be informal and offer a chance to meet other members as well as discuss the future of the working group and its integration with San Francisco members.  As always, this is a potluck, so bring some food or drink to share.

Wine Down

Friday, June 18, 4:00pm, Hub Berkeley

(Members Only) Wine down is back!  Come work out of the Hub on Fridays then join us for an informal social hour (or however much you can spare) to decompress after a productive week, chat with other members, and transition to the weekend.  We’ll provide a bottle of wine, but feel free to bring more if you’re so moved.

Next Week:

Nonviolent Communication Workshop: Collaborating for Change

Monday, June 21, 6:30pm-8:00pm, Hub Berkeley

(Open to the public)  Working towards sustainability on a global scale requires balancing entrepreneurship with collaboration; personal power and power with others; working with like-minded people and interacting with people whose opinions are different from our own; being open to the world and attempting to influence people with decision-making power.

This workshop provides a framework and a practice for making grounded choices in challenging moments; bringing empathic presence to all aspects of our work; and learning how to speak and listen in ways that foster trust, mutual respect, and understanding even in the midst of intense disagreements.

Miki Kashtan consults, writes and teaches NVC at workshops in the San Francisco Bay Area and around the world. She holds a PhD in sociology from UC-Berkeley, and is a  co-founder of Bay Area Nonviolent Communication (BayNVC) in Oakland.

This event is free to members, $5-20 sliding scale for everyone else.  To register, please click here.

Sexy Salad

Wednesday, June 23, 12pm-1pm, Hubble Meeting Room, Hub Berkeley

(Open to the Public)  See description above.

Member Mixer!

Thursday, June 24, 6:30pm-8:30pm, Hub Berkeley

(Members and Invited Guests Only)  We’re kicking off a monthly mixer for members to meet one another, catch up with each other, and generally bask in the amazingness that is the Hub community. Join us this month for our kickoff mixer at Hub Berkeley.  We’ll provide a couple bottles of wine to get the evening off to a good start, but please bring some drinks to share if you can.   This month the relaxation, connections, and inspiration will happen at Hub Berkeley.  Next month it’ll be Hub SoMa’s turn!

Wine Down

Friday, June 25, 4:00pm, Hub Berkeley

(Members and Invited Guests Only)  See description above.

Hub SoMa Events
[HubSoMa] Intersection 5M Fundraising Mixer, June 16
[HubSoMa] Sexy Salad, June 17
[HubSoMa] Acumen Fund and the Hub Present: Social Enterprise from Scratch, June 17

[HubSoMa] Waffle Bash!, June 21
[HubSoMa] Sexy Salad, June 24

[HubSoMa] Adaptive Edge Launch Event, June 24

For details on other Hub SoMa events, click here.

Hub News

Lost and Found

Our Lost and Found drawers were getting so full that they threatened to explode and cover all of Hub Berkeley in the forgotten belongings of our lovely members, so we’ve cleaned them out and put everything out into the open.  If you think you’ve left something at Hub Berkeley (a digital photo frame?  sweatshirt?  notebook?  Mac adaptor?  mouse?  umbrella or two?), please come by before July 1 to claim your things.  After July 1, all lost and found items will be donated to the needy or, in some cases, taken home by staff.  From now on you’ll have one month to claim leftover items before they’re cleared out for good.

New Members

Please help us welcome our new members:

Amy Marsh
Will Morrison, Net Impact
Leila Bengali
Rem Hoffmann, Exponent Partners
Kelvin Fencil
Tobias Rose-Stockwell, Human Translation
Beatriz Dominguez, Intersection for the Arts
Allison Carruth, University of Oregon
Nyla Rodgers, Mama Hope
Dan Mosedale, Mozilla
Nathan Heintz, Reos Partners
Jeff Barnum, Reos Partners
Aaron Simmons
Ben Rattray,
Chris Bell, Games That Give
Lisa Milton

Member News and Events

San Francisco Nonprofit Career Conference

Opportunity Knocks in partnership with YNPNsfba (Young Nonprofit Professionals Network – San Francisco Bay Area chapter) presents a full day of training and consultations to help you:

  • Analyze your resume and job search strategies
  • Determine a nonprofit career path
  • Transition from the for profit to nonprofit sector

Who Should Attend? Nonprofit professionals seeking to advance their career and for-profit/corporate professionals looking to switch careers to the nonprofit sector.  Click here for more information and to register.

Introduction to Equity

Monday, June 28 , 8:30am-10:30am, Hanson Bridgett San Francisco Offices

Wondering if you’re ready to take on an equity partner, and what that would mean for your company? This interactive workshop will provide you with an understanding of the different types of equity providers and how they evaluate potential investments.  Attendees will leave with a basic understanding of how private equity works (Equity vs. Debt, Types of Equity Investors, Valuation, Control, Exit…) You’ll also get a sense of what equity partners are looking for in exchange for their investment, and what different partnerships can look like.  To register, click here.


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One response to “Hub Berkeley Weekly Roll-Up: Missing Umbrellas and Missed Connections

  1. Thanks for putting all these events together. When the Hub first launched last year, I was a bit skeptical of the concept. Now I see the value of what you are doing more clearly. Looking at this list of upcoming events, I am wondering how the Bay Area went so long without your contributions. It’s almost as if you are putting the puzzle pieces together, and building a coherent picture of a world where people are naturally inspired to contribute towards a vision of a better, more sustainable future. So, thank you.

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