Agriculture: Does it belong in urban areas?

Much fervor and momentum exists around organic, local, sustainable food and farming practices, but not much space to air all of the challenging questions and discussions that surround the feasibility of many of these movements. In an effort to provide an educational space for people to experience those conversations and a time for practitioners to come together, the Food and Farming Working Group is putting together a series of debates on controversial issues within the sector.

The first focuses on urban agricultulre. On Tuesday, five folks working within the sector will come together to discuss the many challenges that they face working within the sector. Keith Agoada is starting the company Sky Vegetables, developing rooftop farms in San Francisco and Boston and, after that, beyond. Mitra Ardron runs the Natural Innovation Foundation and developed a 30,000 sq ft urban farm in Sydney, Australia. Blair Randall runs Garden for the Environment, a master gardener course and one-acre plot in SF. Antonio Roman Alcala co-manages Alemany Farm, a four-acre farm in SF. John Bela, our fearless moderator, runs the Rebar Group, that looks at the intersection of design, activism, and art. He was instrumental in the development of the SF Victory Garden in 2008.

Join us at Hub SoMa on Tuesday, June 8, at 7:30 pm for a discussion that airs the many facets and challenges surrounding urban agriculture and explores the question of whether we should be growing volumes of food in urban areas and, if so, then how.

For more information, check out our Eventbrite.

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