Madécasse: chocolate, social impact, changing the status quo in Africa

If you like chocolate and are interested in how it’s helping change lives in Madagascar, join us on June 10 from 7-9pm at Hub SoMa for the Bay Area launch of Madécasse (mah-day-cas).
This free evening event will focus on the unique flavor of Madécasse chocolate and how it is being used as a means for social change. Seven bars will be featured with a photo gallery of Madagascar and information about the challenges facing what is the 4th poorest nation in the world. Check us out on YouTube and learn more about Madecasse and RSVP.
Inspired by the founders’ Peace Corps experiences in Madagascar, Madécasse is one of the only chocolates in the world made from cocoa bean to finished chocolate bar in Africa. Most companies simply export cocoa beans. The Madécasse approach—from working with cocoa farmers and the production team to printing packaging—keeps 4x more income in Madagascar (vs. exporting cocoa). Join us for a taste of change.

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