Centering on Conflicts with Mark Batson Baril

Having conflicts in your organization is normal and potentially very healthy when handled well. Anticipating conflicts and working through them at the earliest possible stages can help create a vibrant learning atmosphere and is what helps drive many of today’s successful ventures. Working with conflicts early can also help save a tremendous amount of money, time, relationship strain, and effort when compared with allowing conflicts to fester and grow out of control.

Some typical conflicts stem from: partnerships issues; personality conflicts; differing ideas on new directions; money issues; vendor contract issues; design and interpretation conflicts; team building; communication styles; combining cultures; ethical issues; and new business strain issues of many types.

Hub member Mark Batson Baril is a conflict manager, facilitator, and mediator. He has worked in the small business world for more than thirty years. On Wednesday May 26, come down to Hub Berkeley for a private, confidential and complimentary office hours from 1:30-6:00pm with Baril that center on you, your organization, and a situation of your choosing. Through a proven process of asking the right questions and helping you explore your own answers, new ideas and directions are born.

The only thing you have to bring is yourself and a particular conflict that you would like to work on. It can be about anything you want. Sessions are typically one on one. Group sessions can be productive and are welcomed with some advance notice.

For more information on Mark Batson Baril, check out the Riverstone Revolutions website here. And please RSVP to Mark Batson Baril to schedule a one hour session.

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