Holacracy: Discover A New Operating System

Hub Berkeley and Softlanding Enterprises are proud to bring you Holacracy! The discussion tomorrow Thursday May 20 from 6-8:30pm explains that simply applying post-conventional leadership within conventional structures isn’t enough. A whole system shift is needed reach to a new tier of Consciousness and evolution.

Discover how Holacracy, a remarkable new operation system for organizational governance, cleanly integrates the distributed intelligence of everyone on the team.

Organizations rarely live up to their full potential and too much energy and time is wasted in inefficient meetings, painful decision making and rigid structures. In order to fulfill their evolutionary purposes, organizations must shift from static predict-and-control to dynamic sense-and-responde and from ego-driven to evolution-powered.

Holacracy is the comprehensive system needed for structuring and running an organization. It’s organic structure and transformative approach integrates the collective wisdom of everyone involved—without the tyranny of consensus. It liberates organizations to become direct expressions of evolution in action, while delivering better results, and dramatically increased agility, transparency, innovation, and accountability.

Register for this free event. If you have any questions contact Eric Graham. For more information, download an article or attend a free webinar.


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