Sexy Salad Wednesday

Sexy Salad is officially a Hub tradition every Wednesday @ the Hub Berkeley! Join us this Wednesday May 19 from 12-1pm to relax, eat, chat, and get to know other amazing Hub members—entrepreneurs, freelancers, academics, funders, leaders, movers and shakers working for good. We’re now inviting potential members to join us for some salad and check out what the Hub community is all about.

Participation is easy: just show up, bring an ingredient, and learn how tasty collaboration can be. Need ideas? How about spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms, artichoke hearts, almonds, apples, or your favorite salad dressing. Bring bread or spread or pasta or potato salad. Bring something cooked and prepped or bought at the market on the way to work. Most importantly, bring yourself!

Your mission: to prove that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. And best of all, no need to RSVP!


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2 responses to “Sexy Salad Wednesday

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  2. Jesus is coming soon
    pls let us be ready for him

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