Hub SoMa’s First Day – Radical Collaboration Begins!

The smell of hot coffee and waffles inspired our members as they arrived for their first day of work at our new SoMa location.  It was a busy day for the Hub staff with over 50 members in the space from organizations such as, International Futures Forum, Feel Good World, Mercy Corps, Adaptive Edge, Reach Global, and Red Magnet Media to name a few.

Radical collaboration happened in the flesh at Hub SoMa yesterday and we are very excited to see all that transpires in our first few months. 

Jocelyn Wyatt of IDEO gave our first brown bag lunch, and we had deliveries of Numi Tea, and Adina beverages are flowing.   Just a few perks our members enjoyed along with our non-stop caffeine fix courtesy of Equal Exchange!

Our partner Intersection for the Arts continued installing their exhibit “Let’s Talk of a System” and will be opening their space to the public May 19th at 6pm.

Come visit us in the new space!  If you can’t make it before May 27th, join us at our launch party to see our vision come to life. 


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