Hub Weekly Roll-Up: New Members, New Hub, New Choices

Lovely Hub members, I’m sorry to be the one to tell you this, but you have your work cut out for you.  While you were off expanding economic opportunity, protecting precious resources, empowering fellow human beings, and creating a sustainable economy, we had 20 new members sign up.  20 members!  That’s a lot of amazing people doing interesting things to have to get acquainted with.

As if that weren’t enough, Hub SoMa is officially open for business as of next Monday, May 17, and is available for tours starting immediately.  That’s over 8,000 square feet of potential connections, resources, learning, and fun to check out, including an art gallery, a nest, and something called Memberland.

But that’s not all.  We also have a full events roster this week, with Sexy Salad on Wednesday, a meditation workshop for women on Thursday, and then, at the newly finished Hub SoMa, a relaxing Wine Down to cap it all off on Friday afternoon.  Then on Monday the Hub Food Working Group is throwing a party for all Hub members interested in food (so really that should include all of you) to come together, eat, catch up with other foodies, and find out more about the debate series we’re planning to stimulate discussion and collaboration in the movement for a sustainable and just food system.

I wish I could tell you that it will all be over by next week, but that’s just not the case.  I don’t want to alarm you, but membership applications aren’t slowing down and neither is the event schedule.  But I’m not worried–if any group is up to the task, you’re the one.  The Hub is full of people willing to take on what others wouldn’t dare.  It’s hard work, but somebody’s got to do it.

Upcoming Events*

*Hub produced events in Red; Member produced events in Gray.

The Short List

[HubBerk] Sexy Salad, May 12
[HubBerk] What Spirituality Means for Modern Women: an Introduction to Spiritual Wellness and Meditation (a Brown Bag Lunch with Libby Weathers), May 13
[HubSoMa] WineDown at Hub SoMa, May 14

[HubBerk] Food Working Group Launch Party, May 17

[HubBerk] Ashoka Youth Ventures Meeting, May 18
[HubBerk] Sexy Salad, May 19
[HubBerk] International Working Group Meeting, May 19
[HubBerk] Holacracy™: A New Operating System for Organizational Governance (produced by Softlanding Enterprises), May 20

This Week

[HubBerk] Sexy Salad

Wednesday, May 12, 12pm-1pm, Hubble Meeting Room, Hub Berkeley

(Open to the Public)  Sexy Salad is officially a Hub tradition every Wednesday!  Join us this Wednesday to relax, eat, chat, and get to know other amazing Hub members–entrepreneurs, freelancers, academics, funders, leaders, movers and shakers working for good.   We’re now inviting potential members to join us for some salad and check out what the Hub community is all about.

Participation is easy: just show up, bring an ingredient, and learn how tasty collaboration can be.  Need ideas?  How about spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms, artichoke hearts, almonds, apples, or your favorite salad dressing.  Bring bread or spread or pasta or potato salad.  Bring something you cooked and prepped or bought at the market on the way to work.  Most importantly, bring yourself!  Your mission: to prove that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.  And best of all, no need to RSVP!

[HubBerk] What Spirituality Means for Modern Women: an Introduction to Spiritual Wellness and Meditation (a Brown Bag Lunch with Libby Weathers)

Thursday, May 13, 12pm-1pm, Hubble Meeting Room, Hub Berkeley

(Members Only)  What does it mean to be a spiritual woman in a modern world? Join Libby Weathers, Founder of SpiritWell Group, for cafe conversations about life balance, spiritual wellness and an introduction to meditation. Connect with women and learn simple meditation techniques to easily integrate into everyday life.

About SpiritWell: Lessons in self-awareness add many valuable dimensions to the human experience. But, you can’t just think your way to them. It is the integration of mind and heart that truly transform your life. SpiritWell’s programs are designed to help you access the deeper realities of human experience. Through our retreats and courses, you’ll gain strength, insight and a greater sense of purpose. We believe you have endless personal resources to draw from, and that there is always time to nurture your human spirit.  Please RSVP to

[HubSoma] Wine Down at Hub SoMa

Friday, May 14, 5pm-6pm, Hub SoMa

(Members and Invited Guests Only) Every Friday evening, Hub SoMa will turn up the music and open some wine to celebrate the work week. For our first Wine Down, you are invited to join us and come see our new space.

Next Week:

[HubBerk] Food Working Group Launch Party

Monday, May 17, 6pm-8pm, Hub Berkeley

[Members Only] The Hub Food Working Group is planning big things for the month of June, including a mixer for movers and shakers in the movement for a just and sustainable food system and a debate on the pros and cons of urban agriculture.  In preparation for all this excitement, the Food Working Group is inviting all Hub members who care about food to come meet one another, eat, relax, and find out more about the upcoming debate series being planned.  Bring some food to share and remember, this is a party, not a meeting!  RSVP to

[HubBerk] Ashoka Youth Ventures Meeting

Tuesday, May 18, 6:30pm-8:30pm, Hub Berkeley

Hub Berkeley is hosting one of a series of on-going monthly dinners with Ashoka’s Youth Venture.  Please come for a potluck gathering, Hub “Sexy Salad” Style.  The evening will begin with an Opening Ceremony and Introductions, to be followed by a Sexy Salad Potluck.  At 7:30pm folks will break out into focus groups to discuss/brainstorm the current projects of four youth teams.  Hub members will have the opportunity to hear from the young folks about their triumphs and current challenges, and will then brainstorm strategies for overcoming obstacles and stretching towards further success.  The evening will end with a Closing Ceremony and goodbyes.  For more information or to RSVP, contact Amy Benziger at

[HubBerk] Sexy Salad

Wednesday, May 19, 12pm-1pm, Hubble Meeting Room, Hub Berkeley

(Open to the Public)  See description above.

[HubBerk] International Working Group Meeting

Wednesday, May 19, 6:30pm-8pm, Hub Berkeley

(Members and Invited Guests Only)  More information coming soon.

[HubBerk] Holacracy™: A New Operating System for Organizational Governance (produced by Softlanding Enterprises)

Thursday, May 20, 6pm-8:30pm, Hub Berkeley

Applying post-conventional leadership within conventional structures is not enough – we need a whole-system shift to a new tier of Consciousness and evolution. Discover Holacracy™, a remarkable new operating system for organizational governance that cleanly integrates the distributed intelligence of everyone on the team. Rarely do organizations live up to their full potential. Much time and energy are wasted in ineffective meetings, painful decision-making, and rigid structures. To fulfill their evolutionary purposes, organizations must shift from static predict-and-control to dynamic sense-and-respond — from ego-driven to evolution-powered. A comprehensive system for structuring and running an organization, Holacracy’s organic structure and transformative approach integrates the collective wisdom of everyone involved — without the tyranny of consensus. It liberates organizations to become direct expressions of evolution in action, while delivering better results, and dramatically increased agility, transparency, innovation, and accountability. Download an article or attend a free webinar at To register for this free event, please click here.  For further information, please contact Eric Graham at

Save the Date

[HubSoMa] Hub SoMa Launch Party, May 27

Hub News

Triple Pundit and The Hub are building a bridge between Social Enterprise and Sustainability

This May, Triple Pundit, a leading blog about sustainable business and a fellow Hub member, will feature stories about companies that have a positive impact on people. We want to get Hub members involved. The Social Side of Sustainability series will examine the entrepreneurs, organizations, and innovative ideas that foster sustainable growth in developing nations and economic recovery in the U.S. Guest posting is a great, free way to get the word out about the good work you do, and it’s great fun too.

We’re looking for three types of posts, all 300-400 word entries:

  1. What is social enterprise?  We’re looking for bigger picture descriptions of social enterprise and how sustainability plays an important role in the movement.
  2. Descriptions of new funding methods that that create inroads to sustainability.
  3. Description of a model that is addressing both social and environmental goals.

If you think your company or non-profit should be included, please contact Ashwin at to get more information about what makes a great guest post.

New Members

Please help us welcome our new members:

Chris Lindstrom, Generosity
Dawnn Hills, McFadden and Associates
AJ Anable, Anable & Co.
Sarah Kennon, KL Design
Blair Palmer
Maura Parente, Fabcab
Heesoo Lee
Kevin Lo, Qenso
Marie Jobling, Community Living Campaign
Jessica Margolin, Margolin Consulting
Lauren Elliott
Caylie See
Jim Shuyler, Red7
Lisa Gansky
Senay Inanici, Budsock
Sunny Hill
Eric Van Dusen
Tyler Emerson
Joyce Engebretsen, Architecture for Humanity
Leah Edwards


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