Hub SoMa–Lastest Updates

I know most of you are as eager as I am to step inside the new Hub in San Francisco, Hub SoMa. Well, we are in luck! This week from Monday May 3 until Friday May 7 Hub SoMa will be offering tours. Stop by from 9am-11am and take a tour of the space while chowing down on bagels and sipping orange juice, tea, and coffee. If you can’t make it, you can schedule an independent tour with Tim Nichols, our San Francisco Head Host.

The excitement continues next week as members start moving into Hub SoMa. Though the space won’t be fully operational until May 17th, we invite you to join us on May 14 for an Inaugural Wine Down! Bring your friends and a bottle of wine and come see the space. Then, gear up for the formal start date of the space–May 17–when memberships will officially begin.

But wait, we still have another Hub SoMa celebration. Get ready for the SoMa Launch Celebration on May 27 @ 6:30pm! Hub Bay Area and Intersection for the Arts are proud to announce the launch of Hub SoMa and The Intersection 5M Gallery. The Intersection 5M Gallery, located at the SF Chronicle Building at 5th and Mission Street, will feature local exhibitions focused around arts for change. TechShop will follow soon after with the opening of their SoMa location next door.   RSVP Here!

Hub SoMa is located at  901 Mission Street,  in the  San Francisco Chronicle building, which is in a great area and accessible by Powell BART. It has an 8600 sq/ft work and event space that features an art gallery, several meeting rooms, large event spaces, offices, a full kitchen/café, and more than 70 work stations for members who are driving social and environmental change.

Members come to Hub SoMa to build their ideas for change, engage in events focused on social innovation, and access a spectrum of business tools. Hub SoMa is connected to Hub Berkeley and more than 24 Hubs across 5 continents – forming a global and local network of changemakers.


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