Networks Trump Organizations (Brown Bag with Former Habitat for Humanity Middle East Director)

Photo Courtesy of Kimiagar

We have a last-minute brown bag lunch happening tomorrow (Friday) afternoon from 12-1pm at Hub Berkeley.  Scheduled, canceled due to the volcano, then scheduled again, this is an exciting discussion about how increasing collaboration can be more important in scaling social impact than growing a specific organization.  David Haskell, CEO of Dreams InDeed, will lead the discussion.
Aiming for Impact?  Networks Trump Organizations

(Open to the public) The enormity the issues plaguing the poor and the planet dwarf the capacity of governments, corporations, and aid agencies.  Yet many still assume that organizational growth automatically equals mission impact.  Others say, not so!  Social impact researcher Wei-Skillern of Berkeley and Stanford found that “some of the world’s most successful organizations instead stay small, sharing their load with like-minded, long-term partners,” and advises organizations to “focus less on growing themselves and more on cultivating their networks.” Hartigan of Oxford calls for collaboration, not fracturing competition, to “scale to the issue.” Bridgespan developed analytical tools for social change practitioners to strengthen their fields, not just organizations, for issue-wide impact.  We will discuss a case and explore why and how to weave “network trampolines” for synergistic impact, broadening our horizons and thinking outside the organizational box.

David Haskell is CEO of Dreams InDeed International.  He models vision and values and mentors indigenous social entrepreneurs. Formerly Habitat for Humanity regional director, David has twenty years entrepreneurship experience, launching six Middle Eastern start-ups and directing four African turn-arounds.

Please RSVP to me (  For more information on the topic, go to:


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