Hub Collision! TEDxVolcano meets Hub meets Kickstart meets Nairobi!

This has been an incredible week for Hub Collisions, with a TON deriving from the Hub Kings Cross and the gathering of stuck social innovators there for what they termed “TEDxVolcano.”   You can watch TEDxVolcano here.  We received another international collision today, further proving the point that this movement is real and growing.  Here is an email from a HAAS MBA who has been involved with Hub Berkeley and recently took a job with Kickstart in Nairobi, Kenya (Not to be confused with Kickstarter).

Title:  “Small Hub World”

Hey Alex, hope all is well back in SF, especially with all the SOMA
launch events! I’m having a great time in Kenya – in love with my new
job at KickStart! Anyway, just wanted to let you know about a Hub
encounter I had at the Africa-Middle East Microcredit Summit a couple
weeks ago. I attended a workshop session on creating social
businesses, moderated by Muhammad Yunus, and when I introduced myself
to the woman who sat down next to me, I found out that she (Lesley
Williams) is the “Africa Strategist” for The Hub in Johannesburg! We
started talking about how there should be a Hub in Nairobi, so we’re
going to keep in touch. Anyway, just thought I would share this with
you since I know how much you appreciate the global network of Hubs =)

Small Hub World indeed…


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