Hub Collisions!

We are starting a new series of the blog, Hub Collisions, to highlight the stories of members who have created amazing new organizations and ventures through collaboration and networking at the Hub. We felt it was important to take a step back ,occasionally from the daily commotion, and see the bigger picture of  what the Hub is all about. If you would like to share your own story please email the author of this blog (

We will be kicking off this segment with a feature on Hub member: Jenny Kassan.  Jenny is  an attorney working with Katovich Law Group, and first came into the Hub for a Numi tea event soon after the Hub opened. She met Alex (our awesome Managing Director) and was introduced to other members and staff. Inspired by the space and the goals 0f the Hub, Jenny and her colleague Rick Randel organized the Cutting Edge Capital Raising for Small Businesses-Existing Options and a Policy Agenda for the Future event here that was hugely successful. More than 60 people were in attendance and a great network was formed.

Jenny soon met Janelle Orsi, another Hub member and they soon realized that they had a shared interest in working on sustainable economies through a legal lens. As a result, the Sustainable Economies Law Center(SELC) was born. The goal of the center is to facilitate the growth of sustainable, localized, and just economies, through legal research, professional training, resource development, and education by

providing a venue for law students that are interested in practicing law in the area of social ventures and sharing SELC will be housing legal interns at the Hub to research and to develop projects related to urban farming, raising capital and community based enterprises.The Legal Interns will work out of the Hub in the summertime so that they can have a workplace and a community of social entrepreneurs around them.

Jenny is also a participant of the West Coast Village Capital Program. She is working on launching a business  that could help small start up and early stage businesses identify and implement an appropriate financing process for their situation. She hopes to use the Hub as a platform for future meetings and events as she works on creating this venture.

You never know what can happen at the Hub. Through the extensive network, you could find your next business partner, investor, consultant, or simply someone who inspires and/or mentors you to create the next organization that makes a positive social impact.

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