Hub Weekly Roll-Up: TEDtalks, Waffles, and Life Investments

I have a problem with this week’s event roll-up: too much to promote, and too little space.  So please bear with me as I try to highlight only the important events (or just about everything):

This week the talented Holly Minch will be leading a game to help non profits jump-start strategic thinking, engage in real-time, dynamic planning, and identify actionable approaches.  Then we’ll have a special guest at our weekly Sexy Salad who needs feedback that involves eating yummy chocolate.  Also, your fellow members are hosting Design for the Developing World: Energy on Wednesday night.  And don’t forget that our favorite TEDtalk curator Jon Axtell will be leading a brown bag lunch discussion on Thursday.

Then next week we have waffles Monday morning, an event exploring the controversial idea of life investments in social entrepreneurs, an inspired strategy session with member Pat Sullivan, and an event about the evolution of the music business as a result of Web 2.0.  Not to mention free accounting office hours with the knowledgeable Rick Stone.  Yes, you read that right: free accounting sessions.

Phew.  That was a lot to get out–thanks for sticking with me.  After taking a moment to catch up with yourself, check out the details below.

Upcoming Events**

The Short List:
Strategy, Chance, Skill: Wanna Play A Game?, February 23
Sexy Salad with Special (Chocolate) Guest, February 24
Design for the Developing World: Energy, February 24
TEDtalking with Jon Axtell, February 25
Hub Grub Waffle Bash, March 1
Sexy Salad, March 3
Life Investment Event at The Box, March 3
Inspired Strategy with Pat Sullivan, March 4
Evolution of the Music Business in Web 2.0, March 4
Accounting Office Hours with Rick Stone, March 5

This week:

Strategy, Chance, Skill: Wanna Play A Game?

Tuesday, February 23, 1pm-2:30pm, Hubble Meeting Room, Hub Berkeley

(Members Only)  Given rapid innovations in communications technologies, a turbulent economy and changing demographic tides, today’s environment demands that nonprofit organizations engage in strategic thinking on a daily basis — not just once every five years during their strategic planning process.  Nonprofits need strategic clarity and dexterity to achieve their goals for the common good.  Today’s organizations must be nimble in responding to change, integrated in weaving clear approaches through all levels of their organization,  and dynamic in their engagements with stakeholders.

To that end, Hub Member Holly Minch has designed a series of games nonprofits can play to plug into the purpose, potential and promise of your organization.  All the games start with a deck of cards designed to help nonprofits jump-start strategic thinking, engage in real-time, dynamic planning, and identify actionable approaches. Come join as we play a variety of card games with your team to surface bright ideas, shed new light on challenges, and hit the switch to move your team into action.



Sexy Salad with Special (Chocolate) Guest!

Wednesday, February 24 12pm, Hubble Meeting Room, Hub Berkeley

(Members and members’ invited friends only)  This week, in addition to our regular salad potluck, we’ll have a special guest.  Come enjoy one of the only chocolates made on the African continent, and help a small company make a big decision!  Madecasse is a small chocolate company started by a couple of former Peace Corps volunteers (one of whom, Brett Beach, is a fellow Hub member).  They’d like your feedback about how to best tell the company story through their packaging.  Compensation in chocolate!

Design for the Developing World: Energy

Wednesday, February 24, 6:30pm-8:30pm, Hub Berkeley

(Open to the public)  Please join us as we delve deep into sustainable energy for the developing world and its potential to provide significant economic, health and environmental benefits. Rather than just focusing on the technology, we’re examining the design of energy solutions that are financially sustainable, scalable and most importantly fit the needs of the end user.

Part 1: Discuss (6:15-7:15pm).  
We will be joined by a diverse range of social entrepreneurs, engineers and consultants that have developed energy solutions across the developing world. They will be spilling the beans on what works, what doesn’t and what we can learnt from other sectors and markets. Participants include Heather Fleming from Catapult Design – the SF based non-profit design firm that has developed solutions for energy and healthcare in Africa, India and Latin America.

Part 2: Design (7:15-8:30pm). After our lively discussion, we’re moving straight into an intense design charrette. In small teams we will be developing potential  solutions to energy related challenges posed by Hub members (from refrigeration in Africa to solar power for IT centers in India and much more) all against the clock.

RSVP here.

Hub Brownbag Lunch: TED talking with Jon Axtell

Thursday, February 25, 12pm-1pm, Hubble Meeting Room, Hub Berkeley

(Members Only) Do you love TEDtalks as much as we do? Wanna learn more about fellow Hub members and what drives them?  Hub staffer Jon Axtell will screen a TEDtalk and then facilitate a values-driven discussion about methods of change.

More information to come on the topic for next week’s screening and discussion.


Next Week:

Hub Grub Waffle Bash

Monday, March 1, 10am, Hub Berkeley

(Members and invited guests only)  No need to feel down this Monday.  Come usher in a new week and a new month with a warm waffle brunch at the Hub!  We’ll provide the batter, and encourage you to bring the chatter and your favorite toppings and ingredients (syrup, berries, bananas, chocolate chips, etc.).  Relax and mingle with your fellow members and enjoy a hot breakfast!  (Brought to you by your lovely Hub hostess Isolde Honore.)

Sexy Salad

Wednesday, March 3, Hubble Meeting Room, Hub Berkeley

(Members and invited guests only)  See description above.

Life Investment Event at The Box

Wednesday, March 3, 6:30pm-8:30pm, The Box, San Francisco

(Open to the public)  Would you sell yourself to change the world?  As social entrepreneurs scavenge for resources and scrape and fight to maintain ownership and mission of their organizations, a new age is dawning in social capital.  The Thrust Fund is aimed at faith in “The People” rather than “The Idea.”  Offering 3-6% of their total life earnings, these Social Entrepreneurs are seeking $300-$600k investments to jump-start their careers and maintain the mission and vision of what they hope to accomplish.  Provocative and controversial, this idea has captured the attention of the social capital markets community.

Join the Social Capital Markets and Hub Bay Area communities for an innovative evening of crowd-sourced debate that tackles the fundamental challenges of the modern social entrepreneur. The debate will be followed by time to enjoy the cash bar and mingle with fellow Bay Area social entrepreneurs. Hear plans for SOCAP10 and opening of Hub SoMa. You don’t want to miss this!  RSVP here.

Inspired Strategy:  How to Turn a Vision into Practical Plan with Pat Sullivan

Thursday, March 4, 12pm-1:30pm, Hubble Meeting Room, Hub Berkeley

(Members and their invited guests only)  Using the standard bankable business plan model as a template, discover how to accomplish every practical task effectively with integrity, purpose and joy. See how to bring more creativity and caring into everything you do from organization and operations to handling finances. Extensive resource list and other handouts.

Facilitator:  Pat McHenry Sullivan, owner of Visionary Resources, occasional teacher of business planning for the Small Business Administration, prolific author about meaningful and ethical work, and co-founder of the Spirit and Work Resource Center.  RSVP to

Evolution of the Music Business in Web 2.0

Thursday, March 4, 6:30pm-9:30pm, Hub Berkeley
(Open to the public)  This conference will introduce underserved participants with new online technologies, sometimes referred to as social media, and its impact on the music business. Through influential keynote speakers and practical hands-on demos, participants will examine the current state of the music industry and understand the relationship of technology, music, self-promotion and the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

Speakers include Alan Khalfin
 (, Anthony “Sly”  Ramirez (, Arielle Patrice Scott (, Daniel “Danny Dee” Aguayo
 (, Ethan Diamond
 (, Ray Luv
 (PTBTV Records), Stephen Hogan (
Pandora Internet Radio), and Shaun Tai
 (Oakland Digital Arts & Literacy Center).  Please visit and the blog,  RSVP here.

Accounting Office Hours with Rick Stone

Friday, March 5, 1pm-5pm, Hubble Meeting Room, Hub Berkeley

(Members Only) These free, half-hour consultations, offer coaching for any professional or personal issue you would like to bring to the session in the areas of accounting and finance:

Possible topics include:

  • Developing financial plans
  • Budgets and forecasts
  • Cash flow statements
  • Financial reporting – internal and external
  • Annual returns for non-profits
  • Internal control procedures
  • Fundamental accounting issues
  • Advantages and disadvantages of being not-for-profit

Rick is a CPA (inactive status) with a Masters degree in business, and years of experience in public accounting (audit), accounting for profit and not-for-profit organizations, financial planning and analysis, and internal auditing.  He has worked with organizations such as the Exploratorium, Wells Fargo and Bay View Capital Corporation.  He is currently working as an accounting and finance consultant with local non-profits.  He has extensive experience using Excel for modeling and forecasts and is available for consulting services to Hub members at a reduced rate.

RSVP for a slot to

**Events in red are Hub-produced events.  Events in black or gray are member-produced.

Hub News

Talent Bank Coming Soon (With Your Help)

Lovely Hub volunteer Kate Seely is working very hard to make the Talent Bank a reality.  Still not sure what the Talent Bank is exactly?  It’s a searchable database to help you find other Hub members who have the skills, experience, or expertise you need.  We hope this will become the go-to resource for members when in need of someone with a specific skill-set who can help you achieve your goals.

We need your help to create this resource.  If you’ve already filled out the Googledoc form, thank you very much.  If you haven’t, please take 3 minutes to do so now.  It’s a short form and will help other amazing members find out about your work and connect with you (but not bombard you–Hub members are incredibly polite and respectful creatures).

Click here to fill out the form.

New Members

Please help us welcome our new members:

April Rinne, Water Partners International
Natalia Castaneda, Leadership Learning Community
Isaac Conin, ICPR
Jennifer Gately, Fallow Fields Bungalows
Nick Ellis, Bright Green Talent
Kristian Salvesen

Member News

Companiesandme Launches (Out of The Hub)

We’re a little late on the draw in announcing it, but on February 1 Hub member Ryan Mickle launched Companiesandme, which curates the rich stories of the the Bay Area’s most inspiring companies and invites you to join in on conversations with the incredible people behind them. You’ll already find stories on the site such as Reem Rahim’s, of the sobering experiences and deep introspections that led her to co-founding Numi, Joie de Vivre’s Chip Conley on how we need to live in “joy bubbles,” and Linden Street Brewery Founder Adam Lamoreaux on bringing beer production back to Oakland.

According to Ryan, “Because we want to curate the stories of the companies you love, we’d like to ask you to nominate them so that we can help them build deeper relationships and awareness of what they do.”  All companies you nominate in the month of February get to join Companiesandme risk free, and every dollar the site earns this month will go to the Yele Haiti Earthquake Fund.  Nominate companies here.

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