Countdown to Hub SoMa!

As promised, we are giving you another update on Hub SoMa to get you psyched for the opening. As you can see the space is still in construction mode, but it will be making a quick transformation in the coming weeks. Just imagine the potential with such a large space!

Below is a sneak peak of the projected design of the kitchen/cafe. We know how important it is to have food for socializing at the Hub as well as for meetings over coffee or lunch. The new Hub will feature a much larger  kitchen so that we can kick our potlucks and after hours events up a notch. Check out the cool bar seating facing the window. There is plenty of space to sit, work and, of course, eat! Let us know what you think!


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3 responses to “Countdown to Hub SoMa!

  1. Looks great. Congrats on getting this off the ground!

  2. Hi

    I really like this idea and generally this bay area place! I am from Dublin, Ireland and there is nothing like this in Ireland apart from ‘The Digital Hub’.

    I would like to see this Bay area blueprint model reworked in Ireland, albeit with more emphasis perhaps on involving local community to engage more and get up skilled in the recession.

    I am thinking of setting up a West coast mentor investment model pioneered by First light ventures micro finance network in Ireland by setting up my own social investment company up soon. To be honest, it feels like it might be tough with the current mass negative attitude here though of course that is not generic across the board.

    Just to say keep up the good news pple!


  3. I had a great time at the Life investment SF Box event this week.
    I can’t wait for the SoMa HUB!
    Keep up the great work.
    Cheers -Brian

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