West Coast Village Capital Status

Congratulations to all of the selected participants of the West Coast Village Capital Program! Just to recap, the WCVC’s goal is to bring social entrepreneurs together and give them the resources they need to launch, grow and expand their business ideas. The bright folks who are selected, work in small groups to evaluate one another’s business models and potential for investments. Those businesses that are seen to have the most potential are given seed money to grow their business. The Hub is, in part, facilitating the networking and meeting space component of the program.

Alana Lea is a selected participant of the West Coast Village Capital program. Below she discusses her business, Rainforest Eco, LLC which sells exclusive botanical designs on quality, eco-textiles to the fashion and interior design markets to help drive reforestation initiatives in the Atlantic Rainforest near Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Stay tuned for more updates and interviews on this exciting program!

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