Hub Weekly Roll-up: Members, members everywhere!

Freshly back from–as my colleague put it–gallivanting on some Pacific Isles, I was pleasantly surprised with what I found when I got back: a laid back event schedule, a Hub full of people (things were strangely slow the week before I left), and a slew–and I mean slew–of new members.

So this week is easy (as far as Hub roll-ups go): check out Nick Pearson’s brown bag lunch tomorrow, come to Sexy Salad on Wednesday, and help us welcome the 17 new members who joined us last week, some of whom are West Coast Village Capital participants (see “News” section below for announcement).   Then take a deep breath and enjoy the island sunshine (in a spiritual if not meteorological sense) I tried to bring back with me.

Upcoming Events**

The Short List:

Brown Bag Lunch with Nick Pearson: Launching Maternity Clinics in Nairobi, February 9
Sexy Salad, February 10
Slow Money Northern California Gathering, February 10

Sexy Salad, February 17

This week:

Brown Bag Lunch with Nick Pearson: Launching Maternity Clinics in Nairobi

Tuesday, February 9, 12pm-1pm, Hub Berkeley

(Open to the Public) Join Nick Pearson, founder of Jacaranda Health, in a discussion about the upcoming launch of maternity clinics in urban slums of Nairobi. Nick will take his audience through the process, systems design, and challenges in developing this model aimed to improving delivery and emergency obstetric care for poor women.

Sexy Salad Day

Wednesday, February 10, 12pm, Hub Berkeley

(Members and members’ invited friends only)  Sexy Salad is officially a Hub tradition every Wednesday!  Join us this Wednesday to relax, eat, chat, and get to know your fellow Hub members.  Bring an ingredient and learn how tasty collaboration can be.  Need ideas?  How about spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms, artichoke hearts, almonds, apples, or your favorite salad dressing.  Bring bread or spread or pasta or potato salad.  Bring something you cooked and prepped or bought at the market on the way to work.  Most importantly, bring yourself!  Your mission: to prove that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.  And best of all, no need to RSVP!

Slow Money Northern California Gathering

Wednesday, February 10, 6:30-9:30pm, Hub Berkeley/Gather Restaurant

Following up from the first dinner meeting at Gather in Berkeley on January 13, 2010, the 2nd Slow Money Northern California Region (SMNCR) Gathering will meet on February 10th, the second Wednesday, first at Hub Berkeley in the Brower Center from 6:30-8pm where there will be something to nibble on to tide you over until dinner.   Then you can meet from 8:15 to 9:30pm or so for dinner or soup or wine and dessert and the opportunity to continue your conversations at Gather, the restaurant at the Brower Center.  RSVP for one or both parts of the meeting by writing Theo Ferguson at

Next Week:

Sexy Salad Day

Wednesday, February 17, 12pm, Hubble Meeting Room, Hub Berkeley

(Members and members’ invited friends only)  See description above.

**Events in red are Hub-produced events.  Events in black or gray are member-produced.

Hub News

Wanna change your membership level?  Need a receipt?

Just a reminder that in order to change your membership level, you need to let us know by the 15th of the month prior by writing us at

Also, we are no longer automatically sending receipts for payments.  If you need regular receipts, please let us know in writing (again, to

Hub Communications Lab Looking to Expand

Hub members Kelli Peterson and Geoff Schwarten are leading the creation of the Hub Communications Lab, a place Hub members can come to work through  marketing and communications needs.  It’s a virtual and a real place to ask questions, gain insights and work through solutions with other Hub members who have professional experience in the communications field.

The model is initially focused on one-off workshops that will be given once monthly and will each month focus on a different channel of communications (PR, promotions, social media, SEO, web development, etc.).  Kelli and Geoff have conducted three lunchtime workshops so far on brand strategy and online marketing and are interested in expanding their topic offerings.

If you work in communications and are interested in developing the Hub Communications Lab or offering a workshop to other Hub members, please write

New Members

Ready for this?  We may not have a lot of new events this week, but we certainly have a lot of new members.  Please help us welcome them:

Rahmin Sarabi,
Jonathan Harrison, Rubicon National Social Innovations
Jason Moore
Michael Hoffman, Mango Mundo
Rishi Malhotra
Bill Say
Maria Rogers
Amanda West, Amanda’s Restaurant
Santiago Halty, Senda
Jason Young, Zindagi
Kaytea Petro, Neighborhood Fruit
Douglass Dixon, Already Working
Isolde Honore, House of Honore
Mark Baston Baril, Riverstone Resolutions
Jeffrey Wescott, Munificent
Ryan Mickle, companiesandme
Jennine Cohen, Active Travel Consulting

Member News

West Coast Village Capital Selects Its Members

We announced the launch of West Coast Village Capital (WCVC), a social venture peer learning and investment program,  a couple of months ago.  Now WCVC has selected 24 participants, a quarter of whom were already Hub members!  As a part of the program, all 24 will soon be joining us, so look for them and say hello.

After evaluating an inspiring and impressive applicant pool, WCVC has selected the following 24 businesses and social entrepreneurs to become WCVC Members:

Marc Armstrong, TouchPoint
Nicole Ballin, Refill Revolution
Kevin Casey, New Avenue
Rachael Chong, Catchafire
Greg Davis, kWhOURS
Nick Ellis, Job Rooster
Michel Gelobter, Cooler, Inc.
Santiago Halty, Senda
Jonathan Harrison, Emerge!
Khuram Hussain, GoFoods
Ammar Jiwaji, PAYU Computing
Jenny Kassan, Cutting Edge Capital Raising
Alana Lea, Rainforest ECO
Ken Lynch, Reciprocit
Michelle Miller, S3: Sustainable Solution Systems
Maria Rogers Pascual, Synchronicity S.F.
Kaytea Petro, Neighborhood Fruit
Naveen Sikka, TerViva BioEnergy
Tom Spargo, RainSaucers
Kevin Stone, Performio Solutions, Inc.
Alan Wells, The Good Game, LLC
Amanda West, Amanda’s Feel Good Fresh Food Restaurants
Bedy Yang, Plusful
Jason Young, Zindagi

West Coast Village Capital (WCVC) is a social venture program that brings entrepreneurs together to learn from and support each other’s social enterprises.  Over the course of 12 weeks (January – April 2010), the 24 social entrepreneurs will work together in groups of six to share their knowledge, strengthen their models, and build their businesses.  Additionally, WCVC puts the investment decisions in the hands of entrepreneurs themselves.  First Light Ventures will make $25,000 and $75,000 investments in the 4-8 companies jointly identified as most ready for seed capital.

Tides Releases Shared Spaces Guide

From Tides (home of Hub member China Brotsky):

As doing more with less becomes the new normal, budget-savvy nonprofits are wisely teaming up to share workspaces, technology resources and administrative services like accounting and human resources.

Sharing services such as these is one relatively easy, yet highly effective, way for nonprofits to increase their operational efficiencies, lower their operating costs and focus more energy on advancing their core mission and less on administrative tasks.

To help nonprofits successfully share services, Tides has just released Shared Services: A Guide to Creating Collaborative Solutions – the first comprehensive guide to help nonprofit leaders build shared services programs of their own.

Shared Services is available for purchase online at . Review copies are available upon request and a free 11-page preview of Shared Services is also available for download.

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