Hub Weekly Roll-up: Building Community & Helping Haiti

Surprise! I know you’re all shocked and disappointed to not see Meredith here. But she’s off basking in the Hawaiian sun, and we couldn’t entice her off the beach to write the weekly member roll-up.

Despite Meredith’s absence, there are still important happenings at the Hub. We’re kicking off Hub 4 Haiti, hosting a community meeting, and we have the answer to all your mailing list woes! So please keep on reading for all the juicy details.

Events This Week:

This week it’s really all about Wednesday. Why not come in and make a day of it?

Sexy Salad

Wednesday February 3rd, 12:00-1:00pm the Hubble

Our now infamous salad potluck. You know the drill: bring a salad topping to share, we’ll all concoct exciting salads and share an enjoyable lunch in the Hubble. If you are a new member we’d love you to come by and introduce yourself. This is proving to be the event at which to meet your fellow members and share a healthy mid-week bite.

Hub Community Gathering

Wednesday February 3rd, 5:00-7:00pm the Hubble

Please join us for our monthly dialogue brainstorming ideas for how The Hub can better support value exchange and community interaction. This week’s topic: Hub Membership Pricing and Services. We would love to gain your feedback on how The Hub can amend its pricing model and service offerings to better meet your individual needs. We will have a new pricing framework for 2010 and Hub SoMa launch (April 1) to introduce to you and gain your feedback. Your ideas are incredibly valuable to us! Wine available for all participants. Come join us! RSVP to

Hub4Haiti Inaugural Potluck

Wednesday February 3rd, 6:30-9:30pm

Please join us at The Hub for the kick-off fundraising event for the Hub4Haiti effort. We invite you to bring your favorite dish. We will be providing a few main courses and some drinks to get the party going. Meet Hub members and friends and join in this special night of great food, drinks and discussion.

Can’t make it? Visit the Hub4Haiti homepage and check out other events to attend or how to host a fundraising dinner of your own. Why Merlin? Merlin is a non-profit charitable organization specializing in saving lives in time of crisis and rebuilding shattered health services. Merlin has dispatched an emergency response team to Haiti, including Director of the West Coast, Alex Cottin. Alex has pledged to come give a talk at The Hub upon returning from Haiti to recount his experience on the ground. For more information on the work that the clinics are doing, visit We hope to bring the Hub community and beyond together to support this amazing organization and to hear of the effects and the future of Haiti from a voice on the ground in the upcoming months.

Let’s eat!

Hub News:

Hub List-Serve Update: What’s with all the e-mails?

We understand there’s been some confusion/questions/concerns about the Hub list serve. For clarity you’ll find some brief information on the e-mail lists below. As with all things Hub, we’re here for you, so please keep the feedback coming.

There are two hub list serves.

[Hub Berkeley Announcement] The first is the Hub Announcement list. This is a required list, as it is the only way for Hub staff to communicate important messages to our members. Please keep your eye out for e-mails from the Hub Staff coming through the Hub Berkeley Announcement and Hub SOMA Announcement list serves. Additionally you will receive a periodic Hub Happenings Newsletter (with a new and improved format coming your way shortly).

[Bay Area Member Hub] The second is for members to share events, opportunities, and important information. It is a space for you. This is an optional list, although we do recommend it. If you are experiencing e-mail fatigue, send a message to the hosts ( and we can change your subscription to digest form so you’ll receive just one message summarizing list activity. Please note the subject name of this e-mail list changed today to provide greater clarity. The address is still

In courtesy to fellow members, please consider that this is a large and diverse network. The clearer you can make your subject lines, and more succinct the messages, the more value we will all gain. In the future, we can expand the listserve to be topic specific subscriptions. Please let us know if this is something that might appeal to you.

New Hosts!

Finally, we’d like to welcome two new hosts work/trade hosts to the Hub team. Santiago Halty and Jason Moore will both be joining the Hub penguin at the hosting desk. Please introduce yourself to these new smiling faces next time you are in.

We are also thrilled that Tim Nash from the London Hub will be joining the staff shortly! He’ll be starting Feb 7. Tim is looking for a 3 month sublet starting Feb 15 or March 1. If you have any ideas in Berkeley or SF (hopefully near BART), please email Tim at


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