Meditation Workshop Today

We all face stress and pressure especially in today’s economy. Why not come in and learn how to relieve some of that tension?

Finding Focus, Patience, and Peace Through Meditation

Thursday, January 14, 12pm-1pm, Hubble Meeting Room, Hub Berkeley

(Members Only) This workshop will introduce mindfulness meditation, its uses and benefits. We will spend some time discussing how meditation can improve our lives at home and at work. This will be a hands on experiential workshop and we will spend a good portion of the hour practicing techniques to reduce stress and calm the mind. There will also be several exercises that address two common challenges in the workplace – focus and patience. You will walk away from this workshop with several practical tools for reducing stress, and increasing focus and patience. Hope to see you there!

Speaker Bio: Vlad Moskovski is a certified NLP practitioner and meditation instructor. His teaching approach is founded on the philosophy that meditation should be integrated into people’s daily lives and the techniques be simple and accessible to all. Using metaphors and story- telling, Vlad is able to share his knowledge in a fun and interactive fashion. He is focused on bringing contemplative practices such as yoga and meditation to schools, corporations, and health care fields.


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